Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Well I found this post on TVNewser about Nancy Grace and her first night of her new talk show on CNN Headline News. From the sounds of it it was Amateur Hour: tapes not running, microphones not working... argh! And Nancy fired one of the tape people in the middle of the show. "Elizabeth, you're fired!"

I'll tell you something, I've been in the position of hosting an hour-long talk show for local cable when it seemed like we were having every technical problem under the sun, with tapes not starting on time, microphones dying during the broadcast and having to be fixed, guests backing out at the last minute, etcetra. We even had a prank caller phone in to rattle the guests and say the show sucked, and we had to bleep him out. I mean really, I've been there. But at least we all had an excuse. We were in local cable and all new at this talk show stuff. And even though I was the guest host, I never told any of these people "you're fired!"

But this is different. This was supposed to be The Big Network. As James Earl Jones said, "This... is CNN." And it sounds like they all screwed it right up.

Anyway we'll see if this show does well. Sounds like Headline News wants to be the CNN of 10 years ago, the CNN of the OJ era. And it sounds like they have Nancy Grace on so they could go cover the big media-circus Michael Jackson trial, whenever it finally starts.

UPDATE: Here's another story on the changes at Headline News from USA Today.

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THOTH said...

CNN Headline News Ruins its own Brand Image - NANCY GRACE...Are you kidding me?

I used to be the biggest fan of CNN Headline News. It WAS great. I used to tune in a couple of times a night…at least before they butchered the show.

Their new format is shameful. Have any of you seen Headline News Prime Time or Showbiz Tonight?

No these are not new CNN channels, instead they have turned a once respectable CNN Headline News into a pretty much gossip news station at night…it is just awful.

Basically, rather than having real news, they have this night-time format that focuses on entertainment news and gossip. It is awful...worse than FoxNews...Actually it is more like The Enquirer meets FoxNews.

I refuse to watch this garbage. They have even given NANCY GRACE (talk about trashy, she is the queen of trash) a legal show to ramble on about Hollywood trials and everything else that you would read in a Hollywood Gossip column. She is about as news worthy as page 6 in the New York Post.

This is the opposite of real news. Remember when CNN Headline News focused on the economy, politics and international affairs? This was when they used to focus 95% on real news on only about 5% on fluff. How can they think that people will now tune in to CNN to see only 5% real news and the rest gossip about entertainment or celebrity trials.

And what in the World were they thinking of giving Nancy Grace her own hour long show. There are so many great anchors at CNN and they give Nancy Grace a show straight out of Court TV or the Enquirer or the Gossip Channel or wherever she crawled out of.

CNN Headline News used to be a channel that I could see being left on in the press room of the White House, but you think they would leave it on this channel now...hell no people would think they were watching Entertainment Tonight.

Please, if you have not yet seen prime time tonight...check it out tonight. It is usually on later in the evening. After you have seen this garbage, try telling me that I am wrong.

The fact that Larry King has Nancy Grace on his show and that CNN Headline News gave her an hour-lonng show has really tarnished the CNN brand image for me.