Monday, February 28, 2005



Tune into ABC while you still can people, a TRAIN WRECK is taking place LIVE!

Jen S. has REJECTED BOTH GUYS on live, national TV in the United States, and for that matter, Canada!!! When I saw this I went Holy S!

First she rejects John-Paul, then she rejects Jerry, live, on the air on TV! She's saying she just wants to be friends with him. And now poor Jen is trying to wiggle her way out of this mess she's gotten herself into. I think she just felt that this show put her in an awkward situation and she didn't know what the heck she was feeling, so she's rejected both guys and is staying a single woman.

All I got to say is, way to go Jen. Good for you for being true to your own feelings. Hope you find your guy...and stay as far away from reality TV as possible.



UPDATE: The show is now over. You West Coast viewers are probably still able to catch the whole three-hour train wreck.

What they were going to have happen was that they were going to have Jen accept Jerry's proposal live, on national television, in the studio, tonight, in front of this studio audience full of women. And Jen says no, she thinks they should just be friends. She said no to both of these guys, and the audience was just flabbergasted, stunned. I thought this was going to be yet another one of these contrived endings but when Jen did that, I was cheering at the screen. I just thought this was great television.

I mean really, this ranks up there with the night that they called Florida for Gore. Unbelievable, and all I gotta say is that tonight sort of redeems The Bachelorette as a reality show in my eyes. A real reality show goes off the cliff from time to time. What happened tonight was the most real moment we ever saw in reality TV history!

Jen rejects both guys, live in front of a studio audience. Holy man, I can't stop laughing at the TV.


ANOTHER UPDATE: Latest big rumor out there on the Internet is that Jen is lying, that she really is f***ing her boss in spite of what she said on TV. Boy do the fans really hate her now for dumping Jerry on national television. They all think Jen was totally unsure of herself and a total idiot, and that she wrecked the show, and they were calling her the B word and worse.

The good news for Jerry is that he'll be The Bachelor on the next edition of the show. But he should run away. And I'm glad Jen wrecked the show. This Bachelor/ette show deserved to be wrecked. Heck, what has this show ever done for Jen Schefft anyway? NOTHING!


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