Sunday, February 13, 2005


The two sides in the NHL dispute met with federal mediators in Washington D.C. to try and settle this dispute. If they wanted to fool the entire Canadian media they succeeded; the meeting went completely under the radar and no hordes of media people were present.

For some reason the media are an issue in these talks: apparently Goodenow and Bettman sat for dinner one night and the media were a major point of discussion. These two sides have also been using the media to no end, tipping them off on their talking points. It's like a political operation.

In any event this meeting would not have happened had the National Labor Relations Board not requested it. The meeting lasted for five hours, and Bettman and Goodenow weren't there either.

And as usual the meetings were a big fat failure, and tomorrow the NHL will hold a Board of Governor's meeting to go about cancelling the season. So much for all the pressure on Bob Goodenow to cave in. It didn't happen, again!

The patient is dying as we speak.

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