Monday, February 28, 2005


In my continuing attempt to follow the legal happenings in the entertainment industry, opening statements were made today in the Michael Jackson child molestation trial. But I don't think I'm gonna post too many stories about this trial. I think this trial is going to freak people right out, and this blog is a family show. So I think I won't go crazy posting stuff about this freak show... and don't worry, by the time this is done it will be a freak show.

Here's a link to Court TV, and be advised, don't follow this link if you have just eaten. Because the prosecutor made this Jacko guy out to look like the sickest, most disgusting guy imaginable. If this is really what this weirdo is like, he should be locked up forever and kept as far away from kids as possible. If I were a kid, I'd run like heck from this Jacko guy, just based on the opening statements.

After reading that Court TV article I'm glad they kicked the cameras out of the courtroom. I mean, it's bad enough to sit through a grizzly, gore-filled murder trial. It's even worse when the murderer gets off scott-free. But the subject matter this time is really horrible. That's what makes this trial different from the O.J. circus.

The other thing different is that the people on both sides, from the sounds of it, are going to out-O.J. O.J. in terms of dragging everyone in Hollywood into the mud. They're going to call Martin Bashir to the stand, Elizabeth Taylor, Larry King... everyone. It's going to be the sleaziest show in Santa Maria. Thank G the judge kicked the cameras out of the courtroom, I don't think the audience will be able to stomach much of this.

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