Wednesday, February 16, 2005


You know, as angry as I am at this NHL for disrespecting the fans and treating the fans in a shabby, cavalier manner throughout this labour dispute, I must also add that there's another sentiment out there as well: one of embarrassment. People are embarrassed over the incompetence of the last 72 hours when these two sides came together and then it all fell apart over Bettman's ultimatum and over six-and-one-half million dollars of cap. It looks like supreme incompetence that these people failed to come up with a deal. These guys look like total fools.

And what else can I say except: this makes the entire sport look like it is run by a bunch of idiots. We all knew this league was poorly run for years, but the last few days with those childish letters going back and forth, and people arguing over money, have turned me off more than any other event.

Now they apparently can't even cancel a season without botching the job right up. Apparently a very wild rumor was floated out there late tonight on the FAN 590. The report was that there's a rebel group of disgruntled hockey players out there who are apparently upset that Bettman cancelled the season and they want to get together in secret and present something to the NHL, and try and do something on their own about a settlement. This information was related by Bob McCown who claimed to get this information from a highly placed source.

I'm thinking, wow. These clowns can't even cancel the season without the job getting botched. But you know, I was listening to ESPN News earlier today and I heard Darren Pang say something like this this afternoon, saying some people were behind the scenes pressing for the talks to be reopened already, so maybe Bob McCown is relating second-hand information from Darren Pang's reporting on ESPNews. Now Ted Saskin from the union has called the FAN to say these rumors are completely false, so the season is still completely cancelled.

Good. I want closure, and I don't want hockey in the middle of summer. I'm embarrassed to be a hockey fan and I'm embarrassed to be following the National Hockey League. These guys are all clowns. I've had it with these people. Really, even if they do come back, are these people worth bothering with? Canada's national sport... what a farce.

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