Tuesday, February 01, 2005


They just said on the FAN that the NHL and the union have been talking today and the NHL is going to make a final, final proposal tomorrow. And that there is a final, last-ditch meeting scheduled for tomorrow.

To me it doesn't sound like it's much different from the proposals the NHLPA say they don't want; there's still a salary cap between 32-and-42 million dollars, apparently. And the players have kept on saying this is no good for weeks. So is the union going to suddenly change its position and cave in? I really wonder; the last of these guys are leaving for Europe and for minor-league teams, unless that, too, is a bargaining ploy.

I don't know if this proposal is gonna fly with the players. The NHL is acting as if the union will totally break down and accept this latest proposal because the union is backed into a corner and it's the best deal they can get and they know they've lost, and if they turn it down they're throwing away millions upon millions of dollars. But I don't think the NHLPA sees it that way- they see the NHL throwing away millions and millions of dollars of player salaries away. I'm worried this could all be a legal manuevre so they could declare an impasse. I'm really pessimistic and expecting the worst tomorrow.

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