Friday, February 11, 2005


It is really alarming with the reports coming out of Raptor-land about Sam Mitchell getting into fights with players all the time and the like. We have several players on the team already demanding trades out of this joint, and it's all due to Mitchell. As a result the Toronto Raptors look like a laughingstock, an absolute Devil's Island.

The latest is THIS story coming from Vince's mom, about an altercation between Mitchell and Vince. And apparently this definitely happened.

I know Vince Carter is persona non grata around here, and frankly, he was a bum in Toronto. But if this really happened and Sam Mitchell is as bad as the players say he is, then no wonder Vince wanted out of here. I'd want out of here, too. I mean, this isn't just one player we're talking about here. This is practically the entire team dissing Mitchell.

This Raptor team ought to be winning their division. They have talent on this team. They have good, young players who've shown me a lot. But it's obvious to me that Rob Babcock blew it, again, by hiring Mitchell. This coach is a cancer to this team. And the team is losing. Sam Mitchell has to go. Now. Before things get any worse. Surely they can get someone else. Hey why not break the bank and get Phil Jackson?!

What a mess with the Raptors!!!!!!!!

P.S. Vince Carter apparently downed 40 points tonight, and the key guy the Raptors got in the big Carter trade, Eric Williams, wants out of Toronto. Seems to me we ought to fire Rob Babcock, too. It's been one bad decision after another. But Sam has to go first. It's a MESS.

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