Monday, February 14, 2005


I just found out that we bloggers are taking the credit/getting blamed again for the resignation of former CNN news executive Eason Jordan, who resigned because of comments he made about... something to do with the US military or something.

So apparently, as a member of the blogosphere I'm partway responsible for forcing him out, and I don't even remember what it is that he said! Just like I was responsible for getting rid of Dan Rather. Hey, don't blame me for that either, I was at a political convention! I had better things to do than get rid of Dan Rather! Boy, this is a setback for media/blogger relations. Traditional media types hate all the bloggers now.

Anyway, here's the TVNewser thread and you can read all about it. But don't blame me. I didn't do it. As you know I was calling for the firings of Sam Mitchell, and Marty York, and Gary Bettman and Bob Goodenow. I had nothing to do with Eason Jordan, eh? ( And in Marty York's case I was sort of joking to begin with).

Actually, I'm sort of glad Eason Jordan is gone. He was the architect of the infamous 2001 bloodbath at CNN, where the entire network was downsized and all my favorite news anchors were canned, and a lot of careers of a lot of good people were ruined. So he got what he deserved as far as a lot of people are concerned: his just desserts. IT'S PAYBACK TIME!


And on other media happenings, I have nothing to say about the ridiculous plan to have Bob Schieffer substitute-host the CBS Evening News until they figure out what to do for a new format. Who's running that ship, anyway? Why didn't they just keep Dan Rather if that was what they were going to do? Not that Bob Schieffer is a bad choice, but it looks bad to have a substitute host for your evening news! What a mess.

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