Friday, February 04, 2005


Today they announced a plea deal in the vehicular homicide case against Atlanta Thrashers' Dany Heatley, involved in that terrible accident that killed Dan Snyder. The D.A. dropped the vehicular homicide charge and in exchange Heatley entered guilty pleas on four lesser charges, and will serve three years probation and give 150 speeches on the dangers of drinking and driving, among other things. All in all another great job by Atlanta defence counsel to the pro athletes, Ed Garland. The deal means Heatley won't be deported and won't have problems crisscrossing the border playing hockey- assuming there is hockey to be played!

Speaking of which, in New York they've ordered pizza and are apparently working hard trying to hammer out an 11th-hour deal to save the season and put a stop to any further damage to
the sport of hockey. But is anyone going to be happy with the deal they come up with? They could save the season but we'd end up with a 30-game farce regular season and truncated best-of-5 first round. And what happens to the Edmonton Oilers with this deal? IF there's a deal?

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