Friday, February 25, 2005


Adam Daifallah weighs in with his take on the curling TV coverage debacle.

I have a solution to this mess. Seems to me the objection here is to consigning coverage of the draw in prime time to that awful Country Canada channel that nobody can get. The Canadian Curling Association simply assumed that people would shell out the additional couple of dollars for Country Canada but they forget, the cable industry doesn't work that way. They force you to take a bundle of channels so you end up paying through the nose for dreadful digital rerun programming that nobody in his right mind would want to pay for, absolutely the cheapest junk imaginable, but you have to take it in order to get Country Canada. The other problem is that if you take Country Canada, you're stuck with its boring, waste-of-time programming the rest of the year after the curling season is over.

So here's my simple solution. Why doesn't the CBC simply shift the evening draw from Country Canada to either its main network or to CBC Newsworld? Really, that would solve all the problems right there. Everyone can get the main CBC and everyone with cable or a dish can get Newsworld. But that would be too easy for the people who run the Mother Corporation. And I suppose the CRTC wouldn't allow sports on Newsworld. Darned regulations.

Okay, here's another suggestion. I suggest the Canadian public sells the CBC to Donald Trump. Then the Donald can fire some people. Problem solved! Oh, I forgot: Canadians don't believe in capitalism, and Canadians hate Americans, and they don't want missile defense, and...

The worst part about this is that this is one problem that moving to the States will not fix, because there's NO curling coverage down there (except for the odd match on NBC). Might as well pack your bags and move to Scotland.

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