Wednesday, February 09, 2005


CNN is beginning to build up its coverage of China, and they've added two Aussies, Hugh Riminton and Stan Grant, to their Chinese bureaus. Grant actually worked in Hong Kong for a while. They're saying that the Chinese story is going to be huge and that news organizations everywhere are going to need something to cover after the Iraq story fades- and the Iraq story will fade, eventually, now that their election is over and apparently a big success.

Of course, what I know of CNN's coverage of China comes from reading Mike Chinoy's book, China Live. He's covered China basically forever for CNN.

In other news, former Western classmate and new Shanghai resident Chris Myrick has finally launched his website His old blogspot site has now officially kicked the bucket.

You know, I think China might be a great place to be a broadcast journalist. You could cover business news and report on all the outsourced jobs, and in the next three years you can report on the buildup to the 2008 Olympic Games.

This has me thinking, folks. I've got to look into opportunities over there again.

By the way, Happy Year of the Rooster.

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