Saturday, February 05, 2005


Welcome to the night before the Super Bowl, typically a big weekend not just for the NFL but for all sports. They all want to get their games in and they all get pretty good ratings from all the fans tuning in, waiting for the big game. Too bad hockey isn't one of those sports.

I want this agony over with. We don't even have hockey weather in Toronto any more. Not only is the weather above zero in Toronto and the snow is melting, but we're getting smog alerts, too! We're becoming like Los Angeles.

We're rapidly moving from hockey weather to basketball weather- and people still seriously think we could still play an NHL season. Bob McKenzie has this article out speculating that this mess could drag on and on, through this coming week, suggesting that maybe, in a subtle way, the NHLPA members, through their comments, are suggesting the union would be prepared to move off the salary cap if the NHL would move off of linkage. I don't know, I think this may be wishful thinking on McKenzie's part. He does predict that he doesn't expect a cancellation of the season announcement on Monday, Tuesday or even Wednesday- that there may be one more negotiation up everyone's sleeve. The scary thing is he may be right. This thing could drag on yet another week. And it's obvious to me that they can't get a season started.

I've had it. Enough already! It's obvious to me that Gary Bettman and the gang are refusing to budge, and hoping for Bob Goodenow's complete capitulation, and are sensing the players are caving. So they're going in for the kill. But that will do nothing to get a deal done. As for the hockey fans, some of them are pathetic beyond belief: I'm hearing comments from some of them on the radio that suggest we should just forget about having a regular season in the NHL: let's just do a deal in time for the Stanley Cup playoffs, and just hold a big tournament. After all, the most important thing is that the Stanley Cup be awarded!

Wow, what a terrible idea. What a farce that would be. That's just horrible. That just demeans the sport, to say that the regular season doesn't count. I want the Stanley Cup awarded too, but only after a proper regular season. I think these fans simply want their annual excuse to get drunk in sports bars for two months straight, cheering on their favorite Canadian team. Boy, are these people pathetic, in need of lives.

I hope I don't have to put up any more posts about the negotiations, I'm sick of them. In fact, I'm going to try and make this post my last National Hockey League labour rant for a while. This was the week when these guys needed to make a deal, and, well, they didn't do it, they blew it. So I've about given up, finally, on the National Hockey League this year. It's obvious to me that these two jokers Bettman and Goodenow don't care about the fans. And if they don't care, and if these rich NHL players in Europe and in the United Hockey League don't care whether the NHL is playing, why should we care?

What a joke. The NHL is a bad joke. And it looks like the NASCAR season will start before we see any NHL season this year.


(UPDATE: Now guess what. The latest I'm hearing, and I'm mainly hearing this from the Americans now, is that the owners are prepared to drag this thing out 'till past Valentine's Day, that this is the real drop dead date, and that they're trying to get the season started for March 1st! Wow, what a farce that would be- the NHL returns after winter comes to an end!Supposedly, the season would begin March 1st and the Cup would be awarded in the middle of July. A lot of arenas are empty in July so there wouldn't be a problem getting dates. What a joke. This truly is the league that makes things up as it goes. That's exactly what we need, hockey in the middle of summer with the ice melting during the Stanley Cup Finals. Another reason for me to say simply, BAG IT, BETTMAN! )

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