Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Well, today I just found out that blogging has finally jumped the shark.

We all knew the bloggers jumped the shark the moment they helped topple CBS News, and all these bloggers were named by ABC News as Persons of the Year. Now bloggers are starting to take extended vacations. Not a good sign.

Earlier, blogging superstar Ms. Wonkette decided to take the month of February off, presumably to recharge her dead batteries after her party lost the election and she screwed up the exit poll information. Now, another big star blogger Andrew Sullivan, who spent the whole election ranting and raving about putting his candidate Kerry in, is putting his blog on hiatus, claiming he's going to write a book for the next few months. And his blog's supposed to be the most successful one out there. If he can't hack it, everyone's finished.

I've noticed more and more Canadian bloggers taking more time off or conveniently ignoring their blogs. Andrew Coyne conveniently forgot about his blog for a long time, now it's back. This fad is DEFINITELY going downhill fast. At least Chris Myrick has an excuse, he's moving to Shanghai. But I get the impression other people are just fed up with blogging.

Man, what's with all these bloggers burning themselves out?! They can't hack it! I clicked on my link to the National Post group blog page to find it no longer existed- it was going downhill fast because no one wanted to contribute to it any more. I dunno where it went, if it's still going.

And a fat lot of good blogging did for Colby Cosh's career, as he's been demoted from prestigious National Post columnist to lowlife freelancer in the blink of an eye, even though his big fat blog's supposed to be a big success.

I'm burned out as well. I got into this as a way to get publishing experience and broaden my set of skills, but it's obvious now that blogging experience is good for absolutely nothing. Among other things, I'm fed up writing about politics, and the only blogs out there that have gotten any mainstream media buzz at all have been the political blogs run by agenda-driven lunatics, and you know what I think of those blogs these days. Doesn't matter what their ideology is, most of these people are weirdoes. And I'm through pushing agendas- agendas are for losers.

The only alternative to these political blogs have been the pop culture/media blogs, which is sort of what I've been doing lately, but that genre has completely gone commercial and I can't keep up.

Mediabistro just this week relaunched TVNewser and launched Fishbowl media websites for New York, LA and DC. Gawker Media also launched a couple more blogs as well. And instead of hiring bloggers to do their blogs, they're hiring freelance writers who already live in New York and other big cities, and the pay is in BEANS! Really, that's what I hear, the pay is GARBAGE. And because CBS News and the traditional media feel the blogs are opinionated, inaccurate hack jobs, anyone who toils for a blog is wasting his or her time. Who wants a career as a hack writer for these blogs? You have a better chance getting anywhere in traditional media as a VJ for MTV or MuchMusic. Look at George Stroumboulopoulos.

Even now we're hearing that the gravy train will soon be over for bloggers and that they'll soon be subject to the same standards as the rest of mainstream media, and that traditional media types at places like MSNBC are going to start fact-checking blogs and go over every word with a fine-tooth comb, to make sure all the paid-bloggers' rants are accurate. So that's the end of blogging right there, folks. We're all sunk.

You knew the fad couldn't last. To quote Jim Morrison, this is the end, my only friend, the end.

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