Saturday, February 05, 2005


In further news I have decided to boycott the Apprentice 3 Blog next Thursday--- in protest of this year's lame show.

You know, I've taken a look at my blog over the past several days and I've decided- ugh!- my blog needs a big housecleaning. It's the pathetic NHL and the even more inane Apprentice. So I've got to make some big changes to improve the content on this site.

Therefore I've decided I'm going to pass on doing any more blogs about the NHL unless major news happens, and I'm going to quit blogging so much about the Apprentice 3, because quite frankly this is turning into one heck of a lame show and I'm sick and tired of it.

Here are my grievances with this year's show.
(1) It always seems as if the project managers are getting fired. The project managers are taking on tons of responsibility so they could win and look like big heroes to Trump, but when things go wrong they become an easy target for taking so much responsibility- and Trump has also singled out the leaders whenever chaos erupted on the various teams. We have had three project managers fired in three weeks on the show. It's getting dreadfully boring and predictable.

(2)This year's show is full of idiots blowing themselves up. Danny was a train wreck who should have been fired the first week, and then he knifed himself by bringing Michael back into the boardroom, even though Michael was exempt. Michael, on the other hand, has now set himself up for his own demise by his inept, inappropriate conduct while he was exempt. He proved to me that he lacked leadership and integrity by blowing off that last task. So I think Michael's dead on his feet, all because he's an idiot. And then of course there's Verna, who walked off the show in another stupid decision. Trump's right, she couldn't hack it! I actually smell a rat here: Verna could well be a wannabe reality TV show actor and maybe she walked off as a ratings stunt. Heck, all the other reality shows are staged, why not this one? I know, I know, Mark Burnett says his shows aren't scripted. But really, where are they getting these people from?

I mean, I tuned in the first two seasons because I thought I was seeing smart people trying to make it in a business setting. There were people from Harvard, big entrepreneurs, etc. Instead, this year we're seeing a bunch of dimwits (on both teams) doing lame-o tasks that really have nothing to do with big business: marketing coffee, selling burgers, running roach-ridden hotels. What a farce. And I can't believe they allowed Kristen the Reality TV-show Actress to be a contestant.

Surely they could have combed through the million-or-so applications to find better people than THIS group of losers. The sad thing is that most of the people on the show the first two seasons were really good-quality people, people who you felt really bad for when they got fired. But I don't know where they came up with this crowd, these people are BOZOs. Consequently, I don't feel bad about seeing ANY of these people FIRED. Look at Brian the previous week: his team is in chaos, they lose, he goes in the boardroom and tells Trump "you should fire me right now!" And he swears and uses the F-word in the boardroom! I mean, really, what an idiot.

And the Trump human resources personnel ought to be embarrassed about the people they winnowed down to be the Apprentice. Talk about a company with human resources issues! They can't even find good candidates to be the Apprentice. Instead they get all the rejects from the Jerry Springer Show!

So that's my rant about the Apprentice. As a result, next week I plan to take the week off, no Apprentice blog next week. At least not until this lousy show improves.

No way am I investing any more time in this train wreck of a show. I'll tell you, I was an Apprentice junkie, but CSI is clobbering them over on CBS, and Trump's show is rapidly turning into a junk reality show like the rest of them.

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