Thursday, January 06, 2005


TVNewser reporting on the changes at CNN now that Tucker Carlson has bid farewell to the audience. Here's what is apparently in store for Crossfire: death. CNN is planning to incorporate Crossfire as a 10-minute segment in its Inside Politics show. And they are rumored to be moving Judy Woodruff and that show to George Washington University and put a studio audience in there, too. Maybe they're going to turn Inside Politics into Crossfire. Who knows. But I think this is bad news.

In a related move they are also planning to chuck Capital Gang. TVNewser is saying there are philosophical reasons behind all these moves: the new Jonathan Klein regime at CNN apparently wants to move into "storytelling" and away from the argument shows that characterize Fox News and MSNBC. They're saying that this is why Tucker Carlson was allowed to leave: he wanted to do another "lively debate" show and CNN wants to get away from that business and let news be the star again. They're killing everyone with their tsunami coverage so that may factor into their thinking. But still, they seem to be going over the score in trashing the "lively debate" on CNN. I mean, you need these kinds of shows to liven up CNN when the news is over. You can't program a network with 24 hours a day of live coverage of death and gore. That would be too depressing.

So yet another good CNN show gets the boot, and I say, watch out Larry King. You're next; you and all those tabloid-artist guests from all these trials you cover.

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