Friday, January 28, 2005


In my continuing attempt to keep you up to date with the world of TV news, I have a few notes about Court TV.

TVWeek is reporting that Jack Ford and Jami Floyd are returning to the network as anchors- Floyd will be anchoring daytime trial coverage and Ford will be doing something similar a couple of days a week. Both had been in network TV: Floyd was at ABC News while Ford, whose previous network stints were at both ABC and NBC, recently hosted the enormous flop daytime talk show Living It Up! With Jack and Ali (Wentworth). That show was so bad it nearly finished off Jack Ford's career in TV, but fortunately he has good representation, and now he's back on the air on your Court TV dial. In other changes, James Curtis's contract wasn't renewed and Lisa Bloom is getting shifted to another assignment.

In other news I bought Rikki Klieman's book dirt cheap at a rummage sale and it's a good read- she talks about all these trials she did in Boston and so on. I don't think she's at Court TV anymore; she moved to Los Angeles and is now with NBC.

Actually, Los Angeles is the place to be, because the big Michael Jackson trial is set to go for next week and it promises to be the next O.J. (Robert Blake was originally going to be the next O.J., but he turned out to be just too crazy, and Blake's will be stuck in court for years with nothing happening.)

But don't expect the mainstream media to be there in force. No, Dan Rather, Brian Williams, Peter Jennings, Anderson Cooper and the rest of them are all over in Iraq, covering their big election and getting shot at. They deem Iraq to be more important than Jacko, and who can blame them for not wanting to cover that sick story? I'm afraid this time Jacko's people are going to be dealing with a press corps consisting of Court TV and those tabloid artists from Celebrity Justice and Inside Edition, and those titans of supermarket journalism the National Enquirer.

After the Jacko trial finishes all we need to do is sit back and wait for O.J. to get arrested again, and then we'll have O.J. III... or is it O.J. IV? Come to think of it, it's probably O.J. V. I've lost count. He's been in court more often than his former team, the Buffalo Bills, have been in Super Bowls. That's what I'm looking forward to... O.J.'s next trial. For now, though, we have Jacko.

You can bet Court TV will be sending all their anchors and correspondents out to LA in full force, including their ace correspondent Diane Dimond, who basically made her career covering Michael Jackson. Really, that's all she does, covering Jacko.

Amazingly, Dimond works for Court TV but she doesn't have a law degree. Everyone else on the air at Court TV has a law degree, including the ones who've been in journalism for years. In fact Court TV kind of has a reputation for being an escape route for a lot of fed-up attorneys who want to get out of their enslavement at these big corporate law firms they work for.

More later.

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