Thursday, January 13, 2005


One of the great things about Law and Order is that when a cast member leaves, they leave in some big dramatic fashion- their character quits in disgust, or they punch out someone like Chris Noth did, or they get killed in some car wreck like Jill Hennessy. Another great thing is that the writers always find some subtle way to reflect the popular culture in their stories. Last night's episode did not disappoint.

Last night was Elisabeth Rohm's departure as assistant DA Serena Southerlyn. And it was memorable. She was seen clashing with the other prosecutors, and at episode's end, she's hauled into Fred Thompson's office, is reamed out for mixing too much passion into her job, is basically told she's no good as a prosecutor and the DA says: "you're fired!"

The writers surely had Donald Trump in mind when writing that episode. It was like watching an episode of the Apprentice. But the best part was yet to come.

Serena then turns to the DA and says: "is it because I'm a lesbian?"

Wow, the fans never saw that one coming. Serena outs herself in her final scene! Another classic exit from the Law and Order building.

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