Monday, January 31, 2005


Well, OJ was the trial of the century--- last century. It looks like Michael Jackson's trial is shaping up as the trial of THIS century.

About 1000 reporters from all over the world are credentialed to cover this trial. People from Japan, Australia, everywhere in the world are covering this thing. Unfortunately, not all of them are allowed into the courtroom, so a lot of them are going to have to stand outside and wait for the pool reporter to tell them what happened.

The reporter for the AP story I linked to, Linda Deutsch, had been the regular pool reporter during the O.J. Simpson Trial in Los Angeles and briefed reporters outside every day on what had gone on.

Big difference from the O.J. trial, the most obvious one, is that there's no TV coverage; the cameras were all kicked out. So the masses have been reduced to watching sketch drawings of the proceedings on TV. So CNN and Court TV, whose coverage dominated the Simpson trial, have again been reduced to rubble.

But don't worry, trial fans: E! television has trial re-enactments going on daily. And the entertainment press are having a field day, dragging out all the usual legal commentators, Marcia Clark etc., to report on the proceedings. So it's just like the old days in southern California. L.A.--- what a crazy place with weird people.


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