Thursday, January 27, 2005


Welcome to the Apprentice 3 live blog that, for a change, begins on time. And now for news from the wide world of reality TV.

Read on the Internet that Mark Burnett's next show, The Contender, is going to be dynamite. Some reviewer in the NY Daily News took a sneak peek at it and thinks it's brilliant. They're going to take these boxers- real boxers, by the way- and follow them right through to the big title fight. And the production is supposed to be Rocky-esque, with music and camera angles and stuff. You know, I think The Contender could be worth a look. A lot of reality TV is utter trash and garbage, but this sounds like a real reality show with a real look at boxing, and Mark Burnett's shows tend to be first rate, even when they end up being garbage. So I plan to tune in.

In other news the Bachelorette show is being rocked by scandal as apparently one of the contestants (according to the tabloids) is going to announce that he, ahem, doesn't like girls. To which I say: why the heck are you on that freaking show? Looks like this guy was yet another out of work actor with no job due to the reality TV boom, and he managed to trip the producers and their safeguards. Or rather, their supposed safeguards. This is yet another example of reality TV being nothing more than fakery. It's all cheap junk. And now onto the subject of Kristen.

Kristen is a contestant on Apprentice 3 who apparently has made a killing working in real estate. What most people do not know is she's yet another veteran reality-TV actor, who appeared in the lame Fox production Murder in Small Town X. In that freaky show she was picked by her fellow contestants time and time again for the final challenge- where one of the contestants got an opportunity to be killed by the villain they were supposed to be chasing. And she survived week after week after week. That's the same person, and I'm thinking: that's the qualification for working for Trump? Appearing on a previous reality show?

She doesn't have a degree, either, so I say Kristen, you're fired! You know, here at home I'm livid at Trump for the manner in which he's conducting this search for an apprentice. Based on this cast of characters I would have fired Danny right away for his crazy hairdo and lousy performance last week, and then I would have fired the entire "Net Worth" team for not having the requisite degrees that everyone else needs to have in order to get a job. Then I'd simply have the other eight grilled by the Trump people in interviews and pick the best fit, preferably one with business and real estate experience. And that would be it. But Trump wants to humiliate these people on TV first.

Based on the information I got reading the promo material from NBC: supposedly someone quits the show in disgust tonight but I dunno, that could be all hype. Apparently someone else can't eat her food after the big victory during the reward challenge ( miserable about something, so we've been told ), while a third person says something that leaves Trump speechless in the boardroom. I think this is all hype from NBC and I want to see this show to find out if this show tonight is any good. Otherwise I'm ready to say to Monsieur Donald Trump: YOU'RE fired!

I'm really sick and tired of Trump goading the university grads about how they should be embarrassed losing to high school grads. There's a lot to be said for graduating from the school of hard knocks, and a lot of these university grads really don't have that much real business experience. A lot of these people worked as lawyers or something equally unfinancial. Besides, everyone got stuck running Burger King! So Trump really ought to shut up about it.

Net Worth project manager is Brian- who has experience in real estate and with hotels. Kristen really doesn't like him at all and wants to stir up trouble. She's yelling and screaming at people about how she had to set the budget. Meanwhile this team has to fix up a hotel to get the best ratings etc., and this hotel is a complete DUMP. The place SMELLS. The carpets are RIPPED. What a DUMP.

MICHAEL is project manager for Team Genius. His business, too, is real estate. His hotel, too, is a dump. Verna has a cow over customer service aspects which Michael wants to save for later. So Michael is gonna get blamed for the big customer service failure.

Brian is negotiating with contractors and talking tough- wants toilets ripped up and out. So Brian the other Project Manager is getting yelled at by his team for wanting to spend like mad on new toilets. Audrey looks like she's about to burst into tears over the toilets being replaced!

Verna is a total pain and totally stressed out. She and Michael are getting into shouting matches.

Brian is getting in trouble for being RASH and JOHN is trying to lecture him over it, tell him to cool off. See, this is where these high schoolers have trouble, they're too prone to getting into FIGHTS. Their humility is completely lacking, and their people skills aren't as refined as those Ivy Leaguers who all learned their people skills by getting indoctrinated at politically-correct institutions like Harvard. Believe me, I've noticed the difference between well-educated people and those less well-education, and it's in personality. Already, Team Net Worth is a TRAIN WRECK full of INFIGHTING! Everyone hates BRIAN and is yelling at him.

A full fledged mutiny is under way at Net Worth right now. Kristen is yelling at Brian over the budget, yelling at Brian about how much the whole team hates him. What a disaster.

Team Geek is in an even bigger mess. What a total disaster there, too. The rooms still stink. Carolyn says it's a total mess. Team Street Smart is a total one-man show, but at least things over there look a little better. But wow, who'd want to hire any of these jokers.

Looks to me like team Street Smart is in better shape right now, but not by much.

Team Geek's hotel is a wreck, the rooms reek of paint, so they played up "customer service" and turned their whole hotel into Animal House. They're bragging about how this was where their book smarts and university education kicked in: they made sure their customers were having a good time. Looks like they had a blast. Danny is sitting there strumming his guitar and everyone is having a John Belushi good time. Hey, looked like fun to me. I remember when I was in college. I don't think Trump would be impressed by this, though. He'd be pretty downright embarrassed. Would any of the royal princes who stay in Trump's palaces stay at Team Geek's place? Not a chance!

Somebody fire Kristen. That woman isn't a real candidate for Trump's job, she's a pathetic ACTRESS, and if Trump doesn't fire her I'll fire TRUMP, because it will mean this show is no better than Paris Hilton's. Now she's getting into senseless arguments with more people. What a loser. Get rid of this woman already.

Magna has a human resources issue: Verna's just quit!! Verna's saying she's quit the team! Now she's wandering down the street, having just decided not to even bother ordering coffee for these people filling out the surveys! The heck is this?!

Tana's responsible for customer service and is trying hard to be good at customer service, but the customers are grumpy and if they lose because the other team outclassed them on customer service Tana could get royally screwed over.

Verna's CRACKED under all the pressure, was found wandering aimlessly by Carolyn. Has a heart to heart with Michael who is trying to calm her down. Verna now is telling everyone that she blew it, which is really big of her to do, but people on the team are still really ticked at her for quitting when the going got tough. You know what, I think she should be fired. If Team Geek loses, Verna HAS to be fired. Even if they win she should be axed. She simply gave up on the team.

Time for me to weigh in and say that either Kristen or Verna should go, depending on the team that loses: Kristen for Team Street Smart, Verna for Team Geek.

Net Worth had a score of 2.9- they thought customer service was terrible. Team Geek had great customer service but the motel was "what it was"- and got a score of 3.9. Team Geek Wins and gets to meet Steve Forbes. Net Worth is gonna get fired.

Verna didn't touch her food the whole time with Steve Forbes at dinner. Too burned out.

According to the spoilers someone is gonna say something that leaves Trump speechless. We'll see.

I think Brian, Kristen and Tana are on the block. Brian had a near-mutiny on his hands, Kristen was absolutely obnoxious, and Tana was responsible for customer service which was a big reason why her team lost. Boy, Brian looks really obnoxious here. He's getting into a big argument with John before the boardroom even begins, with lots of swearing. Wow. What a train wreck this Brian is. I change my mind: I say get rid of Brian and dump Kristen next week. And if Trump fires anyone else I'll fire the show and watch CSI next week.

Wow, Brian just went in and told Trump it's all my fault and you should fire me right now! Trump says he's speechless. Now Kristen is getting into a fight in the boardroom with Brian. Brian now uses the F word in the boardroom- used the F word in describing what happened! Brian now getting ripped for being abrasive.

Brian is fired immediately without being given the opportunity to bring people back into the boardroom. Total debacle: he used the F word, and he's reamed out for a "total lack of judgement" (direct quote) for telling Trump "you should fire me right now!" And that's what Trump did.

It sure looks as if this Apprentice 3 show is filled with complete idiots this year- a really big change from previous shows. Brian's the first big idiot to blow himself up on television. Good riddance. I'd have fired him too for that performance.

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