Sunday, January 30, 2005


Well from all accounts the Iraqi election was a big success. Turnout was much better than any of the despondent members of the press corps predicted, but then again, what do you expect from the press corps? They've been despondent about things in Iraq from the get-go, and their mindset seems to be to think that nothing good could ever happen in the world, period.

That was the tone of coverage all week, everyone talking about all the people complaining about the election and everyone expecting a complete debacle. What do you expect from the international media? I mean, look at how they reacted in the Ukraine. They expected the absolute worst over there, expected that Russian tanks would roll down the streets, yet things eventually worked out.

And of course the Bush administration is all full of hot air today and bragging about what a big success it was. Well, there was still violence in Iraq today from the al-Zarqawi crowd, with several deaths. And while the Shias are extremely happy about the vote, the Sunnis, who are in the minority, are significantly less thrilled and are boycotting the thing. So Iraq gets a democracy but the problems continue.

Anyway, it's great that Iraqis finally got a say in their country's future and have been liberated forever from Saddam Hussein's dangerous regime, a regime bent on acquiring weapons of mass destruction (whether he had them or not). Now, I have a question. Now that the election's been held and now that Saddam and most of his gang have been captured, when the heck is the United States gonna get out of there?! I mean, I thought the whole point of this was to get rid of Saddam and get rid of the weapons of mass destruction. Well, they got rid of Saddam, they held their big election, and there's no weapons of mass destruction. So I see no point really keep the troops there much longer- unless they think that the insurgents are about to restore Saddam. But Saddam's captured already. I say it's almost time to pull the American troops and supply the Iraqi government with tanks so they can fight their own battles. Let the Iraqis kill other Iraqis if that's what they're going to do. I'm convinced, democracy or no, that Iraq is a mess, and the Middle East is a mess, and that it will always be a mess, so why bother.

Boy oh boy, I'm really not sounding like a conservative today on the Iraq war- here I am saying it's time for Iraq to be left to its own devices. This is scary. I'm sounding like a pathetic anti-war liberal. But really, they got rid of Saddam. That was the whole point. It's time to get the heck out of that dump of a country already and go home and watch basketball on TV.

Oh by the way. I notice that nobody in the news media seems to care who won this election. It's like: who cares? They had an election! Who gives a hoot who won?

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