Thursday, December 09, 2004


Well I want to alert all of our West Coast viewers and those folks tuning into this Apprentice 2 blog from places around the world- you know, Singapore and Japan and South Africa and places like that- that spoilers are coming.

Just thought I'd let you all know what transpired tonight on The Apprentice 2. Well, if you want a complete blog of what happened tonight I've decided to say the heck with it, because we all know they're going to can two people. And the two remaining chumps are going to choose three people for their teams. You can read my post below and figure out for yourself what happened. So I'm just going to just go straight to the boardroom firing session right now and I'll tell you what's going down, and we'll see you right here next week for the big finale.


Well, Kelly and Sandy have been backstabbing Jennifer for shirking responsibility and leadership, and so on and so forth. They are right. But is she doomed? I look at these people doing the interviewing... and yikes.

Recommendations: They all liked Kelly. They all seem to really like him. I think he's in the final 2 for sure.

There are concerns about Kevin- worries about "course correction" and concern about whether he will stick with something, and they say he's a little overbearing in an interview- he's a Wharton grad who is in law school now and for some reason they're concerned about that. Wow. Jennifer, on the other hand, they found very bright and focused and ready for a transition to business. Sandy didn't seem to do well at all. They found her ready for a new challenge but light on business experience and don't feel she can hack it. Wow, Sandy looks totally doomed as of right now.

Kevin is fired right away because the interviewers say he lacked direction! Unbelievable.

And now here comes the big final catfight between Jennifer and Sandy. Big big catfight and boy do Jennifer and Sandy look unprofessional. Jennifer is arguing like mad and trashing Sandy's lack of "intellectual horsepower". Wow, Jennifer's such an ICE QUEEN, and she is totally UNPLEASANT! But her act impressed Trump.

BAM! Sandy is fired for supposedly not having enough of a brain for these people. Well, show's over. Well, there you go.

Message from Trump- Winning is Everything.


They brought back the long-gone "fired" people for the final task.
They picked two teams: Jennifer picked a team with Chris, Pamela, and Stacy(!). They will be doing a Chris Webber charity basketball type of thing- only problem is Chris Webber may not show up.

Kelly picked Raj, Elizabeth and John for his team and they have zero motivation for the assignment- some polo match type of thing. And it is raining like dogs, and the whole event could be cancelled... could be bye bye Kelly.

See you next week, folks.

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