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I read this blurb that was posted a couple of times on the Television Without Pity spoiler forums and I thought I'd share it with you here- I think ultimately this summary was a bit of PR that came from the good folks at NBC.

NEW YORK -- December 7, 2004 -- In the most eventful "Apprentice" yet, this week's penultimate episode (December 9, 9-10pm ET) features the dreaded interview process followed by fireworks in the boardroom and the firing of two candidates. The second half of the episode sends the final two on their last task and ends in a surprising cliff-hanger leading up to the three hour finale December 16 (8pm-11pm ET). Donald Trump chooses four influential business executives to grill the final four candidates: Alan Jope, COO Unilever North America; Dawn Hudson, President Pepsi-Cola North America; Ace Greenberg, Chairman Bear-Stearns; and Robert Kraft, Owner, New England Patriots. Combined their companies gross more than $80 billion and employ half a million people.

... The two remaining candidates receive their final assignments -- one to organize The Genworth Trump Polo Cup in Greenwich, CT., while the other works with the NBA to produce and run The Genworth Charity Basketball Classic featuring 12 NBA stars.

...The final two candidates each will select three former "firees" from a group of six to help assist in their task. Both finalists face managerial difficulties and struggle to motivate their new employees. Last minute pitfalls arise involving Tony Bennett and Chris Webber.

Bla bla bla.

I figured this week's episode would go along these lines. Now my thoughts about the final two here: I have heard a lot of speculation that the final two would be Kelly and Jennifer. The reason cited for this is that supposedly there's an investigation going on into someone who bet heavily on both of these two in an offshore casino, thinking they would win. No word, though, on who actually wins the thing. Supposedly that will be announced live.

Another rumor floated out there is that there was supposed to be a big battle between the "two blondes" (Jennifer vs. Sandy), but I think the big battle between those two happened a couple of weeks ago when they had their big catfight in the boardroom. I'm inclined to believe the Kelly vs. Jennifer rumors, for two reasons:

(a) Kelly has been a winning project manager three times, has been on several winning teams and had a law degree and MBA.
(B) Jennifer (a.k.a. "Jenbot" by her detractors out there on the forums ) is cool and polished and therefore fits the profile of the kind of boring personality these titans of corporate America want. I think these corporate titans, if they are indeed brought in by Trump to interview these people, are going to fall in love with Jennifer, even though I feel she's been a mediocrity on the job this entire season. Another thing in her favor is the fact that she is supposed to be so smart because she has a law degree and worked as a securities litigator. So I think these titans will completely ignore the fact that she's done nothing fantastic for 13 weeks and has been on one losing team after another. You want the best player on a losing team, choose Jennifer- she'll fit right in with Trump (casinos in bankruptcy etc.) And if she wins in the end I may boycott the show next season, because I just feel several other players have worked harder and their efforts have gone completely unrewarded and even ridiculed. Call me cynical, but I have NO FAITH in the people who run corporate America. NONE. If they pick Jennifer I'll throw up, but at least I have the Pepto-Bismol ready for tonight's show.

As for Kevin and Sandy, I think they could be on the verge of getting screwed bigtime in the interviews. Sandy is probably going to be crucified for not having a college degree, even though I think she's succeeded in the challenges on her wits. I'm sure the Bear Stearns guy and the NFL guy will be impressed by the fact she has all this experience running a bridal store, not. These interviewers are also probably going to disregard her efforts in the challenges completely and that will sink her chances. As for Kevin, to me he looks like simply too interesting a personality to cut it with this crowd of boring white guys who are doing the interviews. Kevin has also put his own neck on the line several times in this whole process and has gotten burned a few times, and the Donald may remember all that. On the other hand, I feel he should be in the final two, because when he's been on his game he's carried his team to victory, and he's got a lot of confidence and a can-do attitude. I'm personally rooting for him, but I'm not optimistic, I think he's about to be screwed, and he'll end up on Richard Branson's show next season, jumping off of tall buildings. We'll see.

As for the rumors of money being bet on Kelly and Jennifer- another thing that Mark Burnett ( the producer ) is awfully good at is stirring up false rumors on the Internet about spoilers and who will win his various shows. Look at Survivor for @#$% sake- there were those "Gervace wins!" rumors floating around on the message boards from the first season, and we all know what happened to Gervace- we never heard from him again. So we'll see if the rumors are true- and apparently there were pictures posted on the Internet about next week's final show, too- so we'll see if this is yet another hoax or not.

About the interviewer guys: why the heck did Trump choose Robert Kraft of the New England Patriots to do these interviews?! Wasn't Trump in an all-out war with the NFL during the 1980s, back in the USFL days? Short memories.

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