Thursday, December 09, 2004


Well, the NHL and NHLPA met in Toronto today and now comes word that in the last hour the talks have completely broken off.

Rumors are flying on the radio that the meeting was acrimonious, that the two sides apparently stormed out of the discussions in disgust and that there are DEFINITELY no more talks happening in the next 24 hours. The NHL is huddled in their offices trying to figure out what to do next. I'm expecting some sort of press release and possibly an announcement of a drop-dead date, just so they can turn up the heat a little bit more.

This is worrisome news, folks.

UPDATE- Late word now from Canadian Press is that the two sides are apparently planning to meet again, sometime early next week in New York at the league's headquarters there. Don't know yet whether the league is planning a counter-offer. And apparently Gary Bettman may face the press hordes later today to explain what is happening.

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