Monday, December 06, 2004


I have been so obsessed with the NHL, with the Apprentice, and all sorts of other things that I've been ignoring some of the other news going on in the world. Well, here's an update.

Brian Williams went on the air on NBC Nightly News and the folks at NBC say he's off to a great seamless start, that he'll be just fine at the helm, bla bla bla. Good part of starting his new gig in December is that he won't be distracted by the NASCAR season, heh heh heh.

Meanwhile people at CBS wait with baited breath as apparently the big report on Memogate is due out soon, and heads are expected to roll. Report in USA Today suggested a mood of doom over there.

And Rudi Bakhtiar is definitely out at CNN Headline News after a shakeup over there. Read about it over at CNNFan, who quoted Broadcasting and Cable with the story. Seemed the bosses wanted to move her to daytime but she had an out clause in her contract if she was moved out of prime time. So now she's interviewing elsewhere. Actually, the first place I heard about the story was over at TVSpy. There were lots of rumors flying that she was out.

And the Ukraine will get their runoff election after all, although Parliament adjourned for ten days on the actual issue of the rules for this thing. But they'll get their new vote.

The big news from Canada last week was that George W. Bush came to the country and actually had pleasant things to say about Canada. See, Bush is a good guy after all. He remarked about all the people waving at him with "all five fingers" (!). He also stood on Canadian soil and called for North-America-wide missile defence. So the whole country is in an uproar as a result and Martin is now getting bodyslammed in Parliament by the New (and Few) Democrats.

Uh, I watched The Greatest Canadian last week and was not impressed with the show or with the result, but then again, I gave up on that contest a long time ago. I would have voted, but neither Brian Mulroney nor Preston Manning made the final list so I figured, why bother?

Actually, I'm sort of kidding, but you get the idea. Tommy Douglas as the Greatest Canadian? Give me a break. If he was so great, people would be flocking to Saskatchewan in droves to live there. And they aren't. Why? One word, people: SOCIALISM. Actually, I read on one of the other blogs that people in Saskatchewan prefer John Diefenbaker as Number One, followed closely by Gordie Howe. That's what I heard.

And it was a sad week as both Pierre Berton and Global TV reporter David Vienneau died.

There, now you're caught up and I'm caught up. THE CAIRNS BLOG- your last resort for news! (Better off reading the other blogs for news, eh?)

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