Sunday, December 19, 2004


Now that the Apprentice is over, there's really not much left in terms of reality TV to watch. Heck, I'll probably go back to watching The Amazing Race. I don't really care about the contestants, but I love watching them travel all over the world. That's the reason to tune into that show. And I'll probably tune into The Billionaire again. But I'm just not into it, not into placing bets or any of that. So don't expect me to blog on it.

Just for laughs, I found a link to Pulse40, the marketing business of the lovely Elizabeth from Apprentice 2.

And for more laughs, here's a link to Raj's web site. I kid you not.

The new season for the Apprentice 3 is due to begin January 20th, with degreed-smart people taking on the high school grads. And that boxing show The Contender, starring Sugar Ray Leonard, is coming soon as well.

For those still interested in championship reality TV, on Monday FOX airs the final beauty contest for that hideous The Swan, and on Tuesday TBS airs the finale for the almost-as-lame Real Gilligan's Island. This is like the BCS... all these bowl games!


I had said that I had given up completely on My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss... I didn't even bother to tune into last week's lousy show. Well, it seems FOX also just gave up. The show was such an embarrassing, massive stinker that it won't even make it to the finish line! They yanked the episode that was scheduled for tonight and replaced it with Malcolm and King of the Hill. I also read they were also supposed to take the next three weeks off, so they're off the schedule one week early. Official word is that they've put the show on "hiatus". Which, in normal people's language, translates to: "it may be allowed back on the air but don't bet on it."

In this series the phony tycoon/actor who played the Boss ("get the hell out of my office!") went into a nearby room to find out from the Big Boss who should be "fired" from the show. And supposedly it was a big secret who this Big Boss was and we were all going to be shocked and surprised as to who it was supposed to be. Well, I read on one of these forums that on the final episode they were going to reveal the Big Boss to the lucky last survivor. What I read was that it was a chimpanzee, and that the chimp spun a roulette wheel to determine who the losers were! And the "dream job" was working as a zookeeper or something equally stupid. Well, that would have been a lame way for this show to have gone out. FOX probably is doing all of us a favor by axing this show.

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