Thursday, December 16, 2004


... yet to be announced. I'll mention who the winner is later on in this post.

I've finally hit on what annoys me about the Donald's show. I think I just hate the world of business. The more I think of it, those four interviewers from last week just annoyed the heck out of me. The whole country club aspect of the business world just sucks. And the Donald seems to be pitching it as something where you have to get awarded the keys to the kingdom by the business establishment in order to make it. What a bunch of nonsense. But I've seen enough of the business world to know that this sort of thing goes on.

Kelly's team is imploding already on the show- all these unmotivated people are doing @#$%-all for him and letting him down. Well, that's the story of the show so far.

Onto other news... there was a story floated out there that Frank Stronach of all people wants to start up a reality show! Good grief, he should stay away. Last thing we need is yet another Apprentice ripoff reality show. In fact, we need fewer reality shows, period. I've given up on My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss already, it's a boring show and it's no fun watching those players get toyed around with. And I just can't get into Branson's show, either; it's a visually spectacular show, but pure luck is determining who wins and I just don't care about any of the contestants.

There's also a story about a reality show coming soon called Who's Your Daddy, where some adopted person has to pick the person she thinks is her real father and win a hundred grand. Man, this is bad. This whole genre is in trouble.

Did you hear that some of these shows may be rigged? There was something over at LostRemote about it, I recall, an L.A. Times story where the writer obtained a confidential script from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, a script that basically proves that that particular reality show is nothing more than a big act. I heard that The Simple Life is scripted, too. I don't think many people are surprised. But Mark Burnett has been on record, quoted as saying none of his shows are scripted- it's all real by him. Well, I should hope so. If The Survivor and The Apprentice ever go scripted, or if people get hired by the Donald based on shock value or whether or not they're a TV star or something, I'd be pretty disappointed.

I'm really not blogging too much about the Apprentice show right now. Jen brought in David Stern to be the MC in place of that loser Chris Webber who didn't/refused to show up. And Kelly finally dealt with the human resource issues with his crappy team and they seem to be working again. You know, I really don't care about tonight's Apprentice, I'm really ticked off about this season's show. I dunno whether that rumor about next season is accurate- that rumor of street-smart HS grads taking on Ivy Leaguers. I don't know whether it's accurate and I really don't care, and I'm really fed up with the show.

I'll let you know who the heck wins! HOO HOO HOO- the Donald is flying away in his chopper without seeing the other event they had planned at Jennifer's event! Wow.

Kelly's event had a few glitches- Tony Bennett's manager had a cow over the washrooms not being ready and stuff. And the BOX SEATS for the DONALD WEREN'T READY! And the Donald complained about it! Hoo hoo hoo!

You know, I still can't cheer for Jennifer- she basically let the rest of her team do all the work.


These two are getting GRILLED, BIGTIME!

Jennifer went on her usual rant trashing Kelly. Again, I just cannot give Jennifer an endorsement here. If the Donald gives her the job after spending an entire season firing project managers and berating poor leadership, there is no justice.


... gonna be decided by a studio audience! I DON'T BELIEVE IT, a new low for reality TV.

sent REGIS PHILBIN into the live studio audience to interview people on who should be hired. Philbin talking to BILL RANCIC and Bill says hire Kelly. They are talking to some VIPs and they are saying hire Kelly, and the audience seems to want Kelly too. Boy this is bad, an Apprentice chosen by the audience. These VIPs are from the Trump organization and from outside. Now Troy gets a chance to speak, and he chose Kelly, and now Amy from last season says choose Kelly. (These must be the former familiar faces people were talking about.) The only people speaking for Jennifer are from her law firm and they are showing people from her law firm cheering for her. Jennifer is sitting there listening to this studio audience and she looks pretty disgusted with it all.

And Regis is still going into the studio audience and getting reactions and it's pretty unanimous. Well, this is making me want to barf. Now, finally someone else is speaking for Jennifer. Is the Donald going to shaft the entire studio audience and choose Jennifer?

Man I want to turn the TV off. This is bad TV. Now they're asking the 16 people who got FIRED and they seem to think KELLY should be hired as well. Man, people are going to be talking about this travesty of a show tomorrow. Now the Donald almost HAS to hire Kelly- or else he'll look like a complete idiot. This is BOOORING television.

Good grief, this looks like it's gonna come down to some boardroom debating shoutfest. Well, it turned out to be civilized in the end.



What a contrived, phony ending to the Apprentice, having the studio audience pick a winner! Who came up with that one? Again, they'll be going nuts over this tomorrow.

Man this show is PAINFUL TO WATCH, now they hauled out the group that recorded the MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY theme song. So you see all these fired people, dancing! And Regis Philbin is driving me nuts as the host. GET HIM OFF THE STAGE ALREADY, MAN! And Jill Hennessy is in the audience- big plug for CROSSING JORDAN, eh? The product placement just never stops on this show, does it?

Oh yeah, Kelly's big prize is he works on a big building project in NYC.

There you have it, the end of the APPRENTICE 2 BLOG for this season. I really enjoyed putting this together and taking apart the Donald's show every week, and hopefully I'll do it again for the Apprentice 3.

Man, Regis is too affable for his own good, get him out of there! And now here's Omarosa spouting her opinions. AAARGH!

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