Thursday, December 02, 2004


Welcome to another Apprentice blog and all I'll say tonight is that there are five chumps left in the running for the dubious (!) (?) honor of running a Trump company- dubious because the casinos are in bankruptcy. So you're better off going far and then getting fired, then you can go work for Mark Cuban or someone like that. (If you want to work for Richard Branson, of course, you have to go on his show and perform crazy stunts and the like.)

The contrast between the Branson show and the Trump show is stark. Branson's show may not be the conventional way to hire people, but he is seeing what these people are made of in challenging situations. Plus, his decisions on who to cut seem to have a rationale to them. Also, Branson looks like he feels really bad about having to cut people. Trump, on the other hand, loves to throw people out on the street. What a way to do business. As a result, we have five people left, at least three of which are complete mediocrities in Jennifer, Ivana, and Sandy. I thought the big catfight in the boardroom with Jennifer and Sandy was totally unprofessional. Jennifer has basically gotten by doing as little as possible, and she is an ice queen. As a result, everyone else hates her. Sandy, I thought, was terrible in that last task and proved to me she had few leadership skills- which is why I think she'll soon be fired. I think Jennifer the ice queen is gonna survive because she fits what these bozos in the corporate world want. But really, all three of the APEX people have done more to deserve to stick around than either Jennifer or Sandy. (Ivana, though, has a knack for being on one losing team after another.)

This week they work with M and M bars to create a new candy bar: The Amazing Bar. Whoever sells the most bars wins. The team captain for APEX is Ivana. The captain for MOSAIC is Sandy. And now for the bad news: whoever is the winning team captain this week gets no exemption next week, because next week they'll be working as individuals. I also suspect next week they'll be put through a battery of interviews which will result in more people getting fired.

Ivana needs to win this week. Ivana's the only one of this bunch who's never won as a project manager. If they lose she's FINISHED. And now here's a bad omen: "Never Underestimate Your Opponent" is the message of the week: a sure sign APEX may LOSE.


Oh boy, IVANA Flashed a bunch of people with bikini shorts! Wow! Gimmick.

I've had blogging trouble with Blogger tonight at the worst possible time. In any event, APEX got smoked by a 2-to-1 margin by Sandy and Jennifer who went to Wall Street and sold chocolates for $5 bucks a pop. Ivana can blame Kevin for trying to undercut the price. Kevin can blame Ivana for what, poor leadership? I dunno, I'm really worried about Kevin this week. His best defence is to say he's been a winning project manager, twice, while Ivana is now a two-time loser. And Kelly is totally exempt unless he throws away his exemption in the boardroom. Tough decision tonight for Trump.

Personally, Ivana looks like the doomed woman of this show. They might as well get rid of her now.


Kevin and Ivana are fighting for their lives.

This team is getting KILLED for "underestimating the opponent": the board is claiming they all underpriced. Now they are killing IVANA for flashing someone in public- even though JENNIFER and SANDY dressed down and sexed it up trying to sell candy bars! Ivana just got KILLED. Kelly weighed in and said Ivana should be fired. Boy, Trump and the gang are just JERKS in that boardroom, nothing but a bunch of backseat drivers. They weren't on the streets, dealing with the pressure. What uptight people!

I think IVANA is going to get it- flashing a group of people with bikini underpants will not go down well with this group. Now Ivana is getting killed for losing all the time.

Ivana is FIRED. And she'll stew forever because two other losers, Jennifer and Sandy, lucked out and won this week.


jdragon said...

Jenn lucked out this round. Ivana was still stronger than Kevin, which gave Kelly another reason to get rid of her. He definately doesn't want a stronger contestant in the final, so he sided with Kevin. I've notice people tend to become backstabbers when it's time to meet the judge and jury. Carolyn seems like a traditional business prude. Given this fact, I'm going to say the other two gals' termination is inevitable. So that leaves Kelly vs. Kevin and I think Kevin will lose because I don't think he is an out of the box thinker.

VBG said...

Is The Apprentice so interesting because the NHL is off? It is very interesting to see people being so enthusiastic about these shows. I am too. Making bets, cheering for Kevin or Ivana, are all part of the process. But really, the greatest show is the one where the guys are versus the girls and where the boss prefers to swim in the sea with girls in bikini fighting for a job, while the boys are anxiously waiting for the big boss in a golf court… that’s reality television! :)