Monday, November 22, 2004


In this article, written for The Politix Group, Hollywood gets the blame for Kerry's election defeat.

I agree with this article because, well, I wrote the thing. This is actually my first article for these guys in a few months and I've been a regular columnist for them for close to two years now.


I actually don't know how much longer I'm going to be the Canadian columnist. I don't even know if I'll keep writing about politics in the CAIRNS BLOG, or whether or not to gas the blog altogether. Look at how quickly this blog has gone in the tank as far as politics is concerned. In June and July the posts were basically all politics. Now it's all NHL lockout, Donald Trump, and Nicollette Sheridan.

I don't even know if I want to stay in politics. I'm fed up for a number of reasons, the negative tone of political life being the main one. I just realized that I worked on something like five campaigns in a row since last fall and each successive one felt like sheer, utter futility. At least the last campaign I worked on ended on a good note.

One thing I've decided. I'm definitely not moving to Ottawa. I had put in an application months ago to get in as a political aide there but I've concluded that I simply do not have the connections or the right ideology to get a foothold with the Harper loyalists/Canadian Alliance people who run the show. But what tips the balance now is my belief that going to Ottawa is a(nother) suicidal career move for me. In the last few months I've seen the dark fates of political aides who got turfed out onto the street when their party lost- not a happy group. If they do have jobs, they're bored silly. It's also apparent that most of the places I really want to pursue careers with look down on political involvement in general and the Conservative party in particular. I'd be sabotaging myself. I'm not even seeing eye to eye with my own federal party at the moment, so much so that I cannot in good conscience go work as a political aide over there anyway, for anyone. Most of those elected Conservative MPs are completely, ridiculously right wing- and like heck will I work for the Liberals. I'm far better off taking my political experience and applying it to another field. So I'm not going to Ottawa; besides, it's too cold.

I can't support what's going on in that town on either side of the aisle. Carolyn Parrish and Judy Sgro are embarrassing, and Alfonso Gagliano really seems to be a scary individual. But the Conservatives are blowing it with their policies. Who runs the show over there anyway? That idea they floated of looking at Belgium as an example of how to run Canada was bewildering. That idea hasn't gained this party a single vote!

We ought to be getting a real vision from the Conservatives of how they'd be more responsible managers of this country and how they'd be nation-builders and the like, but instead we're getting the same brain-dead, reform-the-federation type of nonsense that has dominated Canadian politics for years. And the Tories aren't even being populists about it, these policies seems to be totally made up by policy guys behind closed doors. It's all top-down. By the way, I won't be at that policy convention in Montreal to complain about the direction of the party because you need Belinda Stronach's money to be able to go. Someone else can complain about it. Maybe Belinda will complain. Who really knows right now.

Ironically, while I feel down about politics in general, I actually feel really good about the provincial party. I think they're headed in the right direction and the people around John Tory are a solid group of people. I have a lot more confidence in them than I have with the bunch over in our nation's capital at the moment.

I guess I'm simply burned out and need a change.

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