Thursday, November 04, 2004


Here's what's happening on the Apprentice tonight. Four people who got fired on this show are coming back to haunt these people tonight! I don't know what the heck is going to happen but that's apparently what's happening. Well, well.

On new MOSAIC Sandy is going to be the project manager because it's her turn at last. And if she loses her head will get blown off because the Donald and the gang are definitely not impressed with her at all. She needs to win to turn her fortunes around or she'll be in big trouble. The man who lucked out big time is Andy, who won the exemption as winning project manager and will not get fired. So after weeks of mediocrity, he's here for two more weeks at least.

I think anyone could get the gate on APEX but Ivana's stock has not gone up for weeks. Actually, any of them could go. The coup plotting and zaniness of last week could sink everyone on that team. Any more chaos and they're DEAD. And I really feel bad for Elizabeth; she was fired in the most humiliating way imaginable last week. Humiliated on national television, the whole team plotting a coup against her, and she is fired on the spot. And the sad truth is she was right to say that her team's idea for an ad campaign sucked. It did suck. I just hope Elizabeth didn't get fired from her real job ( a la Jennifer C.).

Raj is definitely worried about his own future after last week's debacle, and he's project manager this week for APEX, on the hot seat. I think he could be near the end.

Here's the twist- they're bringing back the first four people they fired, for one week only, as assistants! Bradford and Stacie with APEX, Rob and Jennifer C. with MOSAIC. The task is REAL ESTATE- renovating houses. The fired people are all bitter: Jennifer is mad that Ivana is still here. And Stacie is back wreaking havoc criticizing Ivana for calling her crazy. Well well. Shaping up already to being a bad week for Ivana. Raj's team is in chaos already, so it looks like it's a bad week for him, too.

Raj is in trouble. The contractors are screwing around with him and the bathroom turned out to be sort of half-done. The team is ticked at him. Right now it looks like Raj is doomed. Luck seems to have saved Sandy's team at MOSAIC- their contractors were also good for nothing but intrepid Andy found another group of contractors who would get the work done.

MOSAIC wins because the bathroom wasn't finished with APEX, and Raj is going home. And that's too bad for him because the contractor he had SUCKED. This is SAD. The guy's a capable guy and he's going to be fired while the rest of these mediocrities get to stay. Frustrating. See you in the boardroom.

Raj could be saved- Jennifer M. is backing Raj 100%.


People are speaking up for Raj to try and save him and Raj said the buck stopped with him re: the contractor.

Ivana- uh oh, she's opened her mouth to criticize Stacie. Kevin is getting smashed for backing the contractor. Raj chooses Kevin and Ivana and now Chris opens his big mouth and said the team chemistry is a mess and if the team stays the way it is they'll lose next week. Thanks very much, Chris. And Trump says okay your neck is on the line next week I'm making you project manager. Then he leaves.

You know, I'm impressed by Raj here- he's been totally accountable for the screwup that lost the challenge, and hampered by a team in turmoil for weeks. If he's fired he will be getting hosed bigtime. But I think he could be about to be hosed.

It'll be a tough decision. Uh oh, Kevin's just opened his mouth and denied he picked the contractor. Now Raj is getting yelled at for too many mistakes.


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