Monday, November 08, 2004


Thought I would just mention that I'm still alive and taking a breather from blogging after all the election stuff that I wrote about. And I probably won't be blogging much the next week or two.

Among other things, I have been trying to refocus my efforts to move into something TV or even entertainment related. I guess that's putting it broadly. I've applied to a bunch of places that do TV stuff, generally speaking. Not specifically TV stations, the search is much broader than that. The search also includes entertainment companies that do stuff that isn't news related, stuff for which my background would be appropriate. That's all I'll say about it.

My biggest problem is that I am not seen as a preferred candidate by any of these places I am applying to. And another problem is that the media and entertainment industries are really cut-throat. One wrong move and you can easily get your head blown off and your career is ruined. I'm well aware of that. So that's why I'm not completely sure about which direction I want to take my career, because I don't want to get my head blown off. So the karma needs to be perfect, otherwise, the job will be a flop and do nothing for my advancement.

I wouldn't mind keeping my hand in politics in some way, whether as a participant or courtside observer, and all of these options would allow me to do that. So I've been sending out stuff to places. The jobs are located in a variety of places: British Columbia, New York, Georgia, even Vermont. One of the places I applied to was in Los Angeles. Why Los Angeles? Because I would like to live somewhere close to the ocean where the temperature is warm. Deep down, I prefer to be a warm weather, big city creature. (Then you ask me why I bothered applying to Vermont? Well it looked like a good opportunity and a great fit. That's all I'll share with you.)

Actually, I applied for that LA job to get away from the cold and the snow. I've been cursed with having to live in cold climates all my miserable life. Today in Toronto we had flurries. And Barrie, just north of here, got snowed under. Ain't Canada great.

See, if any of you folks I applied to are reading this I say simply, get me away from this lousy weather! Imagine that, I could be leaving the ice and snow, while all these left-leaning Americans want to come north to enjoy ski country. And it's difficult for all of us to do. It's so frustrating, this North America. Someone's got to figure out a way to renegotiate NAFTA to make it easier for people to cross the border and do business. Because that's what my problem really is right now, all the red tape, because the opportunities are available down there in the 'States for me to go after, otherwise.

See you Thursday for the Apprentice blog, again.

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