Monday, November 29, 2004


Well it has been eight days since that big Ukrainian sham presidential election and I cannot sit on the sidelines on this issue any longer- despite my recent proclamation of being fed up with politics.

This election was a disgrace. Now, they're showing images on TV of ballots being burned and of goons at the voting stations beating up opposition supporters and preventing them from voting. And all the observers say there was all sorts of skullduggery- invisible ink, etc. So it's clear to me that this vote was a fraud and that the election result ought to be thrown out, and they should hold a new vote. As for all the Viktor Yushchenko supporters all camped out in the square, I hope they stay there and stay put until they get a new and fair election. They cannot allow this travesty of democracy to stand.

For those wanting a thorough look at the Ukrainian election mess you might as well go to J. Kelly Nestruck's blogsite and follow the links. I've added a few Ukrainian links of my own here.

A lot of the links out there don't seem to know what's going on. Some are really predicting total doom and say this is Russia versus the West, and say the Ukraine is going to fall into total civil war, and that the tanks will roll into the square and kill the Yushchenko supporters. They also say the current Ukrainian President is a roadblock to a resolution of the crisis and is likely to hand over power to the pro-Russian candidate- and if that doesn't happen the Russians will likely try and force a referendum to split the country up. And on and on and on- all pessimism. And all speculation as far as I'm concerned.

You know, I get the impression these foreign correspondents over there are all pessimists by nature and that it's coloring their thinking on this issue. From what I'm gleaning there's a lot of sentiment for resolving the crisis peacefully- I'm inclined to think the Supreme Court is going to step in and throw out the election, and that the Parliament is inclined to vote to hold a new one. But I'm not there, I don't have the facts. I'm only going by what I'm seeing on TV and from what I'm hearing from these pessimistic foreign correspondents who are trying to justify their existence.

In any event, it is Day 8, it's still a mess over there, and the Ukraine looks more and more like a banana republic with each passing day. Having said that, I don't think the political will is there for a repeat of Tiananmen Square. I'm inclined to think that we're not going to see the tanks roll in to shoot people- especially not with all these DV cams out there. But the supporters of Viktor Yanukovych have shown every sign of playing dirty and acting like thugs. Now the latest talk is that the Russian Ukrainians in eastern Ukraine want to get a referendum going to break up the country. I wouldn't be surprised if these Yanukovych supporters are behind this, and that these folks will try and raise hell and attempt to split the country up after they lose the election.

This is a big, big mess and I imagine the network news in this country will be on this story for days to come. Why haven't the Americans gotten onto this story? They should be sending Rather and Brokaw over there. Oh, I forgot; they're retiring soon. I guess it would cost too much. Maybe Americans don't care. Who knows.

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