Thursday, November 25, 2004


Well here we go again a week after the big mass firing at MOSAIC- a firing triggered by the move of Kelly to APEX. Why doesn't Trump simply fire everyone and get it over with? This week these people will get to design a new bottle for Pepsi- according to TV Guide anyway. They also probably will have to even up the teams again after what Trump did to MOSAIC.

These final six are a pathetic looking group. Half these people should have been fired a long time ago. Kevin is exempt this week as the winning project manager.

APEX and Jennifer M. are really on the outs. Ivana wanted to be PM but so did Jennifer. Ivana is mad because Jen ruined her shot at being project manager by asking for a draw. Then Kelly got into the act asking for a draw, so the result is that Kelly becomes project manager at APEX, Andy becomes project manager at MOSAIC, and Jennifer gets sent to MOSAIC to be with Andy and Sandy. I say Andy has to win or else this week, because he's been barely getting through the last couple of weeks and Trump and Carolyn said last week that Andy "really has to step up". If MOSAIC wins he's in the final 4. If he loses he's probably fired for sure. As for APEX, Kevin is exempt so either Kelly or Ivana could get fired. Personally, I think it's either Andy or Ivana in the deepest trouble this week.

Message of the week is FORM YOUR OWN OPINIONS. The leader that wants to be popular and loved isn't gonna make it.

Andy's freaking DOOMED. He's handing out hundred dollar bills to the design team. And APEX has just designed a bottle that has a hole through it so you could look through it. So APEX is gonna win and MOSAIC is gonna get smashed. MOSAIC came up with a goofy-looking bottle with two globes on it. Well, that was SANDY's idea again, so she looks bad. And Sandy gave a terrible presentation- really bad. The MOSAIC bottle was being RIDICULED by everyone at PEPSI.

APEX is the winner. Kelly is into the final 4. And Andy, Sandy and Jennifer are on the block.

Sandy vs. Andy tonight. Jennifer looks like she will squeak through again. Sandy looked bad in that presentation and that goofy-looking bottle thing- she originally wanted a globe-look.


Andy's taken responsibility for the "best of both world ideas" idea and got ridiculed for it. Andy went after Sandy over creativity. Sandy calls Andy immature, talking about the five boxes of pizza that were piled up in the hallway etc. Sandy got trashed by Jennifer and Sandy's fought to defend herself.

I think Andy's doomed here. That bottle idea was ridiculed by Pepsi and he took responsibility for the idea behind the bottle. But I suspect this boardroom is not very impressed by Jennifer always getting by doing nothing etc, and they may fire Andy for trying to blame Sandy for the defeat when they should be blaming Jennifer for doing nothing.

Coming up next on NBC- the Seinfeld reunion. And now back to the boardroom. Andy is freaking DOOMED here. Wow, big FIGHT in the boardroom and Donald uses it against Andy, says "you're the debating champion and you're getting KILLED by these two! You're FIRED!!!!"

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