Wednesday, November 03, 2004


What a mess. I didn't think I'd live to see an election like 2000 again, but this one comes pretty darn close. Back-to-back cliffhangers. At least the nets didn't totally screw up the coverage this time.

It is 249 Bush and 242 Kerry. Bush leads in Nevada, Iowa and New Mexico but none of those states are being called. Bush is also ahead by over 130,000 in Ohio but there's the matter of those provisional ballots and Kerry's campaign is refusing to concede at all. Absolutely refusing to concede at all. And it takes 11 days until they count these provisional votes! And John Roberts on CBS is saying it could get so tight with the provisional votes counted that we could see a RECOUNT in OHIO! As for Iowa the counting equipment apparently broke down so they are going to resume counting later. Wisconsin is absolutely razor-tight with Kerry ahead. But it is too close to call.

So that's where we stand at roughly 3:23 in the morning and I've seen enough, I am calling a halt to the election coverage for now, and going to bed. This is too ridiculous.

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