Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Just a friendly reminder that Tom Brokaw is leaving tomorrow and I understand the Today Show has some sort of tribute to him, too.

In local Toronto TV, I fell out of my chair when I saw Zuraidah Alman reporting for Citytv! Last time I saw her she was doing the weather over on Global, and that was a week ago. Dunno why she left- maybe she wanted to do news. And maybe there's a job opening at Global TV. Hmm...

The move to City reunites the former Rogers TV and Weather Network alumnus with another refugee from the Rogers Mississauga operation, anchorman Francis D'Souza. I thought I'd mention that news because I happen to know Zuraidah from way back. Heck, I also know Francis D'Souza. In fact I've met lots of famous, important TV people... I've even met Sharyl Attkisson(!). (scroll down)

Maybe one of these days I'll get around to meeting Tom Brokaw--- just a matter of time.

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