Sunday, November 28, 2004


Well, here's an article I found over at Lost Remote on the continuing speculation re: the replacement for Dan Rather over at the CBS Evening News.

The report is that Matt Lauer and Tim Russert were considered for the job, but apparently they are moving on to other candidates- I guess those two are tied to long term contracts. The other name I heard mentioned was Diane Sawyer, but apparently they're now saying that reports about her being approached are bogus. They even mentioned Ted Koppel's name. There's only one problem- all these people are not at CBS News.

Part of the reason these non-in-house names are floating out there has to do with CBS president Les Moonves and his desire to turn around the mess at CBS News. CBS News is the biggest drag on the whole network at the moment and a major housecleaning seems to be in order. There are major rumblings out there among the TV blogs and columnists that the head of the news division, Andrew Heyward, could get the boot.

The two leading candidates for the anchor chair seem to be CBS White House correspondent John Roberts and 60 Minutes correspondent Scott Pelley. There also continues to be a lot of debate regarding the issue of whether Rather quit or was pushed, in the wake of Memogate and all that. Maybe there was a bit of both; after all, the guy is 73 years old. He had to go sometime. Another rumor out there has Rather bolting for CNN (!).

Since there's a lot of speculation out there as to who should be the new CBS anchor, and since no women seem to be under consideration for this job, I thought I'd throw out a female name: why not Sharyl Attkisson?! She has reporting and anchoring experience and has been with CBS for years. Besides, I met her during 1998 when I did TV news reporter training down in Washington D.C.; she even gave me her business card. If they gave her the anchor job I'd be able to sell her business card for big bucks over on eBay. Yes, I'm joking, I'm completely kidding about the eBay crack. But she probably would make a good anchor and I'd be able to say I met the anchor of the CBS Evening News. My friends might be impressed; then again, maybe not. Anyway Sharyl would do a decent job and would be an in-house hire. Hey, beats Lara Logan.

And Tom Brokaw retires this week over on NBC. Be sure to tune in.

Here's a thought: maybe CBS is banking on Brokaw getting antsy after a few weeks of retirement and wanting to be an anchor again. Then they'll offer him the anchor job and he'll join CBS and kick NBC's rear end. That would be wild. He wouldn't even need to retire again for another decade at least. Hey, boxers come out of retirement all the time. Why not anchors? ( Come to think of it Walter Cronkite's available, too! )


In other TV news some big cast member dies on Desperate Housewives. Yes, one of those babes dies tonight. Big ratings stunt. Teri Hatcher will probably wake up in a couple of weeks and announce she dreamed it all up. This show is making every attempt to jump the shark way early.

UPDATE- Turned out it wasn't one of those babes who died after all- it was the nosy next door neighbour who died. So the show wasn't so hot after all- not that I care much, anyway.

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