Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Apparently, Wonkette has put up a bunch of positive looking numbers for Kerry, but be warned in advance that everyone thinks the numbers are phony. They have Kerry beating Bush to a pulp in Pennsylvania, 60-40, and NOBODY is convinced the race is that big a blowout in Pennsylvania. So nobody knows whether these numbers are even accurate. To make a long story short they all have the battleground states all falling to Kerry.

In other news the Bush supporters are now mentioning on the blog sites that their internal exit polls numbers show a much better picture for the President and they're actually leading in Ohio and Florida, bla bla bla. Then again that could be all spin and a pack of lies for all I know, just to keep morale up. And you know, it's probably the same thing over at Wonkette. Only exit polls I trust are the ones Drudge is able to publish.

In other news Drudge is reporting that John Thune could be about to put the boots to Sen. Tom Daschle in South Dakota tonight- leading by 4. And Castor is leading in Florida's Senate race.

UPDATE: Here's the link to NRO's The Corner, where Jonah Goldberg reports the Wonkette numbers from Pennsylvania DEFINITELY came from the Kerry campaign. So it definitely looks like that is all spin, designed to kill Republican morale, etc etc. He also says Florida looks OK for Bush and Ohio is too close to call. But I'm beginning to distrust everyone right now- except Drudge. More later.

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