Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Florida looks to be a BUSH WIN. CBS and ABC have projected Florida for the President. CNN has not called it for Bush yet but they just said on CNN that a top Kerry official has basically conceded the state. If true and I am inclined to believe it is true ( the margin is 5% in Florida for Bush), then Ohio's 20 electoral votes are the last hope for John Kerry. As it stands now Wisconsin and New Mexico are Bush leads and Iowa is still a possibility. If those 3 move solidly into the Bush column it's probably checkmate regardless of what happens in Ohio- assuming the numbers hold up in Florida. And in Ohio Bush still leads 52 to 48 per cent... and it's getting late there.

Minnesota and Michigan have moved back into the Kerry column as leads there but that won't help much without Ohio.

I imagine the mood over at the Corner has picked up considerably. Big losers of the election appear to be those exit pollsters.

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