Monday, November 01, 2004


I can't believe the optimism of Hugh Hewitt on his website. He sure is more confident that I would be. I keep looking at the tracking polls and they're narrowing again. A couple even have Kerry ahead.

More and more newspaper endorsements have rolled in the past several days. Predictably the New York Times and Washington Post went for Kerry, but the NY Daily News surprised people by endorsing Bush. Kerry has also gotten surprising endorsements from the likes of bloggers like Andrew Sullivan (who is usually a Republican), from comedians like Jon Stewart and radio host Don Imus. Imus has gone on record on his radio show with his support, even though he thinks Kerry is a big phony. But he's still voting for him.

Bush got an endorsement from Pat Buchanan of all people which is surprising because Buchanan hates Bush's guts.

Meanwhile the NY Post has this editorial blasting the mainstream media. So much for the New York Times and CBS News and their claims to be objective: their bias has finally been exposed for all to see. And I still have to laugh when I see guys like Walter Cronkite blasting the bloggers. Hey, at least the bloggers are HONEST about having an axe to grind. And they're going to be the first to root out bias and wrong information in the media. It was the bloggers who called CBS News to account when CBS ran that hatchet job story on Bush based on documents of questionable authenticity. The good news about this election is that the truth about the media has been exposed to everyone, and that is: EVERYONE is BIASED. The best way to deal with it is to have plenty of truth-seeking types out there calling people to account and doing checks and balances. Frankly, the bloggers have provided a big public service. And Big Media would be wise to start making an attempt at objectivity if that is what they truly want to achieve.

For final-day streaming video of the campaign here's the link to C-SPAN right here.

Tonight, voters in New Hampshire once again have that big poll that goes ahead at midnight, and then they announce the results of that poll and it's the first official results of the election. We'll have that for you as soon as we get it.

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