Wednesday, November 24, 2004


The US political blogs have really gone down the tubes since the election ended. Wonkette had lots of coverage of Clinton opening his big presidential library and all that. Meanwhile Keith Olbermann has been on a CRUSADE about voting irregularities and mayhem across America. Now he's on a crusade about Ohio and claims there's going to be a recount there, and how this thing isn't over and that Bush hasn't really won the election. This ongoing rant by Olbermann about voting irregularities is making this guy look like a windbag and a wingnut.

Give it up, Keith. Bush won OHIO by something like 3%, around 137,000 last time I looked. You can complain all you want, but it's OVER. Bush won the election! It's finished! They can count the votes again and again and recount them and haul people into court, but it won't change this result. This is simply a case of a bunch of sore loser Democrats and their fellow bloggers beating a dead horse into the ground. Word of advice to Keith: go back to covering sports, you were better at THAT.

And you wonder why I'm fed up with politics.

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