Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Drudge is reporting that the Kerry campaign is "finding comfort" in early exit poll results that show the Democratic nominee competitive in key states.

Drudge had no specific numbers but NRO's The Corner (pro-Bush) is reporting numbers from multiple sources that have Kerry up 4 in Ohio and up 1 in Florida; they are urging Bush supporters to get out the vote.

We'll know much more by 5PM. Lots of people have to work, you know.

UPDATE- Drudge now is confirming that Kerry holds a small lead in Ohio and Florida in the first exit polls, and the people over at NRO are beginning to panic, they also have Bush trailing in Iowa, New Mexico and Michigan. But the margins are small so nothing is written in stone. But as of this hour the President has an uphill fight on his hands, it seems- just like in 2000.

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