Wednesday, November 17, 2004


As you may have heard America is in an uproar today because of a big cross-promotion of the hit show Desperate Housewives on Monday Night Football.

It featured Nicollette Sheridan dropping her towel and leaping into the arms of Eagles star Terrell Owens. Apparently bored viewers in middle America complained about this nonsense and the folks at ABC and at the NFL have all issued an apology. And now even the FCC is looking at this nonsense.

My complaint is that Nicollette Sheridan didn't show enough! Man, what is America coming to? I didn't think this was inappropriate. Stupid, maybe, but she didn't show anything! Since when have the Taliban taken over the United States of America?!

By the way, I think Desperate Housewives is a really stupid show, and that the women on that show are losers. I don't get why people think the show's so scandalous. It's not scandalous, just silly. The reason ABC ought to apologize is for putting those silly women on Monday Night Football and blighting our football games! That's why they should apologize!

(I know I know, I'm not sounding like much of a conservative today. Well, so what!)

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