Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Big news today is the shocking news(?) (!) (?) that Dan Rather is finally stepping down in March. It's the big news over on TVNewser which has tons of news about Rather; about the timing of the announcement, whether this has something to do with Memogate, what the deal is.

This is the second of the "big 3" to retire. Tom Brokaw retires end of this month. The pressure will now be on Peter Jennings but I suspect he isn't going anywhere.

What's interesting is nobody knows who the heck CBS is gonna get as a replacement for Rather. They basically have no one. One name that has been bandied about for years is former MuchMusic deejay John Roberts, who had a lot of visibility during the Gulf War and on election night, but there's a feeling out there that he just isn't going to be able to cut it in the anchor chair. Other in-house possibilities include Scott Pelley and Russ Mitchell. TVNewser is even saying Mitchell, an African-American, could even be the preferred candidate over at CBS. But nobody really knows him, either.

I haven't heard of any women being mentioned for the job- CBS would really have to look outside if they wanted to go that route. Could CBS be looking to an outsider for this job?

As for Rather, all I will say is boy, was he ever a controversial news anchor. That's all I gotta say about him- understatement, I know.

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