Tuesday, November 30, 2004


I have got to say. the people over at Rogers made the greatest deal ever by buying the SKYDOME for 25 million dollars. WOW, what a sale. What a steal of a deal. Personally, the people at the other end of this transaction gave the fort away. What were they thinking, selling for 25 mil?! I know some people are saying the 'Dome was sold at a bargain basement, white-elephant type of price, but really, they should have asked for more money. This was a RIDICULOUSLY low price for the stadium.

I think this is great deal for the Blue Jays. They'll be able to concentrate now on making the concrete jungle more fan friendly for baseball. Now that Rogers controls the entire show they'll be able to spend some revenues on new players and win more games. This is a great deal for Rogers and the Blue Jays- a real steal.

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