Thursday, November 18, 2004


Well the Apprentice tonight is supposed to be a real howler, a real good one. The boardroom tonight is going to be dynamite. Tonight, the task will have something to do with selling jeans, another stupid product-placement task.

You know, I am really disappointed with this edition of the Donald's show. I used to think I was tuning in to learn about how to make it in business. Instead what I'm learning is that you have to work hard and shut your trap. Moreover, I'm really not impressed with the people who are left. There are certain people in that group who've basically done nothing (Kelly and Jennifer M.), but are shutting their traps and letting everyone else work hard and get blamed for all the problems. Sorry, but that's no way to get ahead in business. (You can also accuse Wes of this tactic, but at least he worked hard when he was project manager and busted his rear end, even though they lost. Last week, Kelly let Sandy do all the work and rode her coattails to an exemption). As for the rest, what a mediocre group. Maria can't handle a negotiation to save her life. Ivana is a backstabber who's worked for one losing team after another. Kevin works hard and has lots of ideas but too many of them are blowing up in his face. Andy's worked hard, has been a team player , and has bailed his team out on one occasion after another, but it's clear to me, he is the resident klutz with the respect of no one. He clearly doesn't look like a confident individual right now- which is too bad because he's really done a good job. That leaves Sandy, who I think has really worked hard to distinguish herself and who has the respect of her teammates- she's also avoided being hauled into the boardroom with the project managers- but I get the impression Trump and Carolyn are not high on her one bit. And she hasn't got an exemption this week either. You know, Kevin and Sandy both seem to be working the hardest but they are also putting their necks on the line in a big fashion. And I don't think it's helping them one bit. I think they're both going to be screwed in the end.

I think there will be a shakeup and that APEX will get a member at MOSAIC's expense, because APEX is now down to 3 people- they're a mess. And the project manager of the losers this week will be fired again, probably.

MOSAIC decides to lose Kelly- he goes to APEX. Kelly also has an exemption, likely that's the factor. It's all evened up. Wes is the MOSAIC project manager and Kevin is project manager at APEX. The task is a marketing campaign to sell jeans- create a catalogue prototype.

IVANA is trashing Jennifer, accusing her of not being able to think outside the box. And MARIA wants to completely own the task over at MOSAIC because she has this big marketing background.

YOU SHOULD NEVER LOSE YOUR COOL! That is the lesson of this task. Hoo hoo hoo!

Wes is letting Maria run wild- Maria allowed to "fly in on her broomstick" and smash the living daylights out of the models' shoot. You know what, Maria absolutely has to go. She's got a grating, dictatorial personality and her skills ain't that good. She should have been fired WEEKS ago. I think Wes and Maria are both in trouble. Now SANDY is losing her nut and she and MARIA are in a big CATFIGHT. They were fighting for 20 minutes! And Wes is letting it get out of hand. I think MOSAIC could be heading to the boardroom this week. They are DYING!

KEVIN is calling Jennifer USELESS! Kevin says everyone else is doing real work. But you know what I think, I think APEX may win this thing and Jennifer will escape yet again. Jennifer says Kevin and Ivana are the weakest people on the team and Ivana is holding a grudge because Jennifer always escapes the chopping block.

MOSAIC's gotten killed in their presentation- didn't clearly express their plan. APEX is the winner and the judges said Jennifer did the best job, even though she did nothing all task. So Kevin is safe for next week and Jennifer is smelling like a rose, and Kelly looks like a big winner because he moved over from the other team. And poor Ivana looks like she's totally doomed no matter what she does. She might as well just quit. Reward is they get to meet Billy Joel.

Who knows what will happen with MOSAIC? I think you have to blame Maria for this one, but they could accuse Andy of sitting back and doing nothing, and this is the second time Wes has led his team to a defeat, and it was Sandy who got into that fight with Maria to begin with. So this whole team is going to get themselves absolutely crucified. They will be KILLED in there.


This is a really animated boardroom- Maria killed Wes, Andy's had to defend himself, and Sandy seems as if she's getting off lightly. Now Wes is saying I'm bringing in all 3. Good grief, Wes is gonna get REAMED OUT for bringing all three of them back. And Maria's got a really big mouth.

Honestly, the rest of the team will be getting hosed is Maria isn't fired tonight. I think Wes is really in a lot of trouble and could get the gate because of the fighting by everyone else. Now here comes the final battle.

WOW! MASS FIRING! Both Maria and Wes are fired. I knew something big was going to happen tonight; this was it.

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