Monday, October 18, 2004


The heat has been turned up on Sinclair Broadcasting over its plans to air a special based on the documentary Stolen Honor: Wounds that Never Heal, where a bunch of Vietnam vets trash John Kerry again. The company has been blasted for inserting its own political viewpoints into their stations' news and programming decisions. Sinclair owns 62 local stations across the United States and caused controversy when it ordered its ABC affiliates to pull Ted Koppel off the air when they ran that list of Iraq war dead earlier this year. Now they are being told to pre-empt network programming to run this documentary, which may run this week.

Their News Central stations are causing controversy, too. They feature opinionated pro-Republican commentary from the likes of bigshot Sinclair executive Mark Hyman. Now they have fired Jon Leiberman, Sinclair's Washington D.C. bureau chief, who has criticized Sinclair for planning that anti-Kerry documentary. So the controversy around Sinclair continues unabated.

For border Canadians interested in checking out the notorious Sinclair operations, both FOX 29 and WB49 in Buffalo are Sinclair stations that boom their signals into Toronto via rabbit ears. I'm watching WB49's News Central right now and they are reporting on the first day of advance polling in the United States and more frustrations in Florida! No mention, though, on the firing of Jon Leiberman yet.

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