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Welcome to the Apprentice 2 blog for this week, which will sort of turn into a blog on reality TV in general in addition to being a blog on this show. The good news of course is that there IS a blog tonight. The Liberal government cut a deal for themselves so that they wouldn't have to go down to defeat tonight and screw up all our favorite TV programs. That would have been a fine way to launch an election campaign- tick off the viewers.


Heard a news story today that these "reality TV shows" are starting to crumble in the ratings. All the top reality shows are supposed to be down in the ratings, including The Apprentice 2. There's also been some early cancellations- Fox's The Next Great Champ did so great in the ratings that Fox had to send it to regional cable! And NBC's The Last Comic Standing is dead- they just announced it. They're going to announce their winner next week and be done with it. Why?!? I thought that was an OK show and that the comedians were pretty good. Then again I didn't watch it enough myself.

I think the main problem is that too many of these reality shows are giving the whole genre a bad name, so therefore no one watches. You have the few that are any good ( Apprentice, Survivor, The Amazing Race ), then you have the boring I-need-a-soulmate shows ( like The Bachelor, Blind Date, Elimidate! etc. ). Then it's a steep dropoff to the real trash like "Renovate My Family" or "You Can Take My Wife" or "Amish in the City" or "Rich and Spoiled in the Country". It's either that or it's some billionaire like Richard Branson or Mark Cuban forcing contestants to perform crappy stunts so they can give their millions away. These shows make Fear Factor look like a masterpiece. The latest one is some diet show called "The Biggest Loser", where people lose weight. Right now it looks like the Biggest Losers are the ones stuck at home watching.

Another problem: these shows are getting dull. On too many of these shows you're seeing people self-destruct on national television, and boy is that ever boring. Take a look at The Apprentice 2. You had Rob who self-destructed by not doing enough. You had Bradford who blew himself up by surrendering immunity in the boardroom. You had Stacie J. who blew herself up over an eight-ball. And then you had Jennifer C. who blew herself up thanks to her mouth. The question therefore seems to be increasingly: who will blow up this week? I think Elizabeth, Maria, Ivana, even Stacy and Sandy are in a heap of danger. Of the men, Raj really helped himself by being the winning project manager, and I think he's out of danger- at least this week. Anyone else could melt down on the spot and be fired. Also don't be surprised if there's a team shakeup this week. It's happened before.

Chris is project manager on MOSAIC- so if they lose he could be sent to the boardroom and sent packing. And after last week's victory that would be a shame.

Well well well, here comes the shakeup- Pamela has been sent over to the women's team APEX and has been named project manager. Well, well, she's just been handed her head. It's 7 men at Mosaic versus 7 at APEX.

And here's the deal- the team that wins is the one that sells the most product on QVC! And Pamela has already gotten off to a great start (not) with that team of malcontents on APEX, who now completely hate HER guts now too. If Pamela leads this bunch of losers to victory she's got it made- she'll be the first project manager to lead her team to a victory. Given the assignment I think they might even have a chance- they're hawking a product on QVC!

Donald's message of the week: Price It Right!

Trouble on the men's team- Raj and Kelly hate each other and seem to be trying to fight over who has the most power. This could blow up in Kelly's face over pricing. Men are selling grills. Women can't stand Pamela.

QVC looks really cool. Oh oh they're not selling any product, MOSAIC. They are really dying. Then some woman calls in to praise them and they finally move product. The men look like they are really disappointed. They look like they are in deep trouble and since Kelly set the price, it looks like Kelly is the one who looks like the guy on the block. As for APEX, they also get off to a crummy start but they sold 650 units of their product. Wow. It'll come down to who made the biggest profit.

The winners of the challenge are MOSAIC. They won by $10 and Kelly looks like a HERO. Chris the Project Manager gets an EXEMPTION next week. Reward is the men get to meet John McEnroe and Anna Kournikova. And all the women are DEAD. Not even PAMELA could save this APEX team. GET READY FOR THE CLAWS TO COME OUT.

I'm trying to remember who set the price that lost the women the challenge and now I remember- I think it's Pamela! If so, she's to blame and SHE IS SO DEAD.

Stacy's beef was that she had the price chore but that Pamela took it out of her hands. Well, that puts her in the line of danger too. But I think Pamela's in big danger. She also lost as project manager two times. Looks like she's doomed but we'll see.

Pamela is now imploding- she is claiming the price should have been higher. She's taking Stacy and Maria in with her into the final boardroom battle. And everyone is trashing Pamela's leadership style. I think it's a foregone conclusion, unless Trump feels the team is to blame.

But wow, Pamela is fighting hard to save herself in the boardroom- a lot of poise. Now Maria is on the spot for crumbling on camera. Now Pamela's starting to sink again, and now she's sunk over the issue of choosing the right people.

Another contestant gets destroyed on the Donald's show.

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