Thursday, October 28, 2004


Never thought I'd see it happen, but I watched Fox last night and saw it with my own eyes.

86 years of misery are over for Red Sox Nation. Question now is how are they going to handle winning- they can't act as martyrs anymore.

People were calling into talk shows last night- Red Sox fans were talking about how they were calling up their fathers who had suffered for years with the Red Sox. Real tear-jerker stuff here. And there are Red Sox fans everywhere celebrating. Even in New York City they were celebrating. Keep in mind that New York is full of miserable Mets fans who hate the Yankees and they were all cheering for the Red Sox to beat the Yankees, and they stayed on the bandwagon through the World Series.

I also tuned into KMOX St. Louis, and Cardinal Nation is not amused- a lot of people were phoning in and they were totally disgusted with the World Series, the Cardinals hardly even showing up. Four straight blowouts: the Cardinals got slam-a-lama ding-donged! But really, after the LCS the World Series was really the anti-climax. The Red Sox really wiped their curse out in the LCS when they came back from 0-3 down to win against their arch-rivals the Yankees- with two of the Boston wins coming deep in extra-innings. That was really unbelieveable, and one of the greatest baseball playoff series I've ever seen. Nothing in the World Series could ever have topped that. So in way I'm glad the World Series is over now, and we can enjoy watching these bewildered Red Sox fans react in shock to their good fortune.

Other tidbit: seems every time a Boston team wins a championship after many years, they beat a team from St. Louis: the Celtics over the Hawks, the Bruins over the Blues, the Patriots over the Rams. And now it's the Red Sox over the Cardinals. So to snap out of the Curse of the Bambino, they needed to be the first team to come back from 0-3 down, they needed the good karma required by having a familiar Boston punching-bag opponent from St. Louis in the Series, and they needed a lunar eclipse, too! No way the Babe's curse could compete with all of that.

I'm happy that the Red Sox finally won so that the Curse of the Bambino could be extinguished for good, and I'm glad all these people who lived their entire lives without seeing a Boston Red Sox team win finally got to see their team win a World Series. Now they know how Blue Jays fans felt when we won in 1992 after years of misery- or for that matter, us Saskatchewan Roughriders fans in 1989. Oh yeah, the pressure is now on the pathetic Cubs. Anyway, my longstanding bet came true: I'd always thought that the first team to break their curse would be the Red Sox. The Red Sox have always had better teams than the Cubs.

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