Friday, October 15, 2004


People are tired of watching wannabe actors get fired/voted out on national television. ABC has ashcanned the lame Mark Cuban show The Benefactor two episodes early. The last episode of that little-watched show will be Monday. Good riddance. Meanwhile The Last Comic Standing has ended messily: the show was cancelled by NBC, then they moved the finale to Comedy Central, but apparently word got out about who won so that sort of defeated the purpose of it all. Like I say, it's too bad- that show was better than most of the reality trash out there. Guess nobody is in a mood to laugh these days. (Situation comedies have also been getting tossed from the air).

As for the Donald, it seems CSI mashed all the competition last night again, including him. Well, so much for the Donald's claim that his show is so great, Number One, with all its product placements and the like.

You know what is the big hit right now? Desperate Housewives on ABC! That and Lost. All I can say is: America is a boring country if that's the kind of TV they like down there right now. Zzzzzzz.

Well I'm going to have to watch something else on TV tonight because the playoff game at Fenway Park has been POSTPONED due to RAIN. What a night, no baseball, and no hockey. Pretty slim pickings for the sportscasts tonight, eh?

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