Thursday, October 14, 2004


Seems everyone hated Pamela back at the suite- thought Pamela was absolutely a big witch. They were all celebrating her firing.

Task this week is to pick the fashion that will sell the most. It's still Men vs. Women. Well, this is yet another task where the women can't lose, but they may find a way. John and Maria are project managers and both have their necks on the line bigtime. Elizabeth is in the doghouse with Maria and Maria is cutting her off and ignoring her suggestions. What a mess at APEX. This could be a boardroom showdown waiting to happen.

The lesson of the day: Know Your Market. And right now, the men sure don't!

You know what, the men have no clue here. They're doomed. They are too busy ogling the supermodels. If they win I'll be very surprised. And Elizabeth is getting KILLED on her team.

Raj and Kelly are blowing up at each other. The men are DYING. And RAJ has gone from contender to probably DEAD. And Kevin is trashing JOHN. Their model line isn't even done. What a mess.

Elizabeth is in deep trouble. She has been complaining about being frozen out- not being the favorite of the rest of the group. Man I feel bad for Elizabeth. Her whole team hates her guts and they all hate her ideas. But she may be RIGHT.

9:34- Fashion show has started and it looks like the men are still getting killed. But I have no clue about things like this. 9:35- Commercial break. Arrrgh! By the way the promo said something about Don't Annoy George! So George is going to have a say in getting someone fired. And George has been hanging around the APEX team- the WOMEN.

Commercial break is over and the men got so badly killed that it isn't even worth talking about. Donald says he thinks the men priced incorrectly. ANYONE COULD GO but Chris is exempt. John is DEPRESSED. Kevin and WES were both responsible for price and they could get the gate. Kelly things ANDY should go based on past performance. JOHN is in a bind. This was a COMPLETE thrashing and who knows? We'll see.


Kevin is in the firing line over pricing. His defence is to blame John's decision to hire that eccentric designer and says John should be fired because he made a big mistake by picking the designer. Andy has gotten killed because he doesn't have the respect of the team. John picks Kevin and Andy and I think any one of the three could go. Despite what I said earlier today I think maybe John has a chance to survive because it wasn't a complete gangup against him. Maybe Andy catches a break because he hasn't yet led this team and Trump may want to see what he has to offer. This is a really tough call. Personally, I do not want to see Kevin fired, because of the three he's done the best job and led the team to a victory once.

Uh oh, Kevin has no support from on high- getting killed. George has spoken in Andy's defence. John is now going down in flames for not bringing in Wes who was also involved in the pricing. And they all say Andy shouldn't even be in there.

JOHN - YOU'RE FIRED! Too many bad decisions, they say. What about being stuck with a task selling FASHIONS?! Wow.

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