Sunday, October 03, 2004


Well, we all knew Jennifer C. had a big mouth on The Apprentice 2 but I never thought it would get her in THIS much trouble.

According to the Albany Times-Union Jennifer has LOST HER REAL JOB because she ripped those two "old bags" who trashed the decor in her restaurant.

Apparently there were bigwigs at the real estate firm in which she worked in real life who were glued to their sets watching Jennifer badmouth those two "fat" "Jewish" women (direct quote) on The Apprentice 2. They were so offended by her remarks that they have ashcanned Jennifer and have distanced themselves from her "anti-Semitic" remarks. Wow. Jennifer is claiming that she's lost her career, is devastated, etc. She even says she's half-Jewish herself and has Jewish relatives and really doesn't hate Jews, but the damage is done.

In a way I feel bad for Jennifer. A lot of the problems were beyond her control. She was on a team rife with problems, wrecked by infighting, and I think NO ONE at the head of this team could have had anyone's respect. This team trashed Elizabeth when she was project manager and they trashed Ivana when she was project manager as well. They even trashed Bradford- and he WON. Jennifer did about as well as could be expected under the circumstances. They clearly put a lot of effort into this restaurant. Unfortunately two customers come in, didn't appreciate the effort the team put into the decor, and sunk them. What really sunk Jennifer was that she refused to accept blame for the defeat. Instead she went ballistic and trashed the customers in a racially-charged manner. That's no way to handle business- in business, the customers are always right, even when they're out to lunch. You DO NOT trash the customers! This is another example of a contestant melting down on the Donald's show, setting herself up for the axe, not just on TV but in real life.

I wouldn't feel too sorry for Jen C. I heard she worked as a photo editor for the magazines in her past life, so maybe she'll go back to that. Maybe she'll work for Forbes. If she wants to make some fast cash she could pose for Playboy. I hear the pay would have Donald Trump all beat.

Frankly, though, Jennifer knew she was finished the moment APEX lost. Jen C.'s best ally on the team, Sandy, was responsible for the decor. So if Jennifer had thrown Sandy to the wolves Jennifer would have been accused of backstabbing an ally and would have been fired for that. So she brought in Stacy to the boardroom and got slammed for bringing her in for personal reasons. And Jennifer was in a no-win situation with respect to accepting her share of blame; if she had accepted any portion of the blame she would have been raked over the coals for that and would have been doomed. Poor Jen C. was done like dinner. Any project manager who ran a company filled with the group of idiots Jennifer was stuck with had no chance.

Why doesn't Trump simply go ahead on a mass firing spree and be done with it? Half the women's team deserves to be booted right onto the street right now. The only woman in that bunch who's any good is that under-the-radar attorney Jennifer M.- she's a really cool cat- but if this were real life she wouldn't stick around, she'd quit in disgust. If APEX was a real company they'd be in bankruptcy court because of the chaos. What a train wreck.

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